Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride, Feb. 10, a Sunday

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  1. Hi all. The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride will happen on the 10th, as always. This month, the 10th falls on a Sunday. The route will take us on the 1093, past Phu Chi Fa and along the Laos border. Lots of good views, ups and downs and nice turns. Route details, lunch stop and so on will follow in another post soon. Meeting time and start time are the same as always but will be included in the next post.
  2. The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride route details are below. All are welcome to join us, including folks with cars, trucks etc. and there is no preference in the size of bikes on the ride. We will enjoy route 1093 which is in the Phu Chi Fa area, a favorite ride of many bikers.

    The start and meeting point for the ride is the PTT and Amazon Coffee Café on the Super Highway (Highway 1) near the old bus station in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer The PTT can be found at the green arrow marker on this map-
    Grid coordinates are 19.90317 and 99.84100
    Google Street View of that PTT can be found here-
    Meeting time: 08:30
    Departure time: 09:00
    Coffee, petrol, tire inflation, snacks and restrooms are available at the PTT and Amazon.

    Leaving Chiang Rai PTT, we will follow Highway 1 south to the 1020 and head east to Thoeng. There, we will connect with route 1021 and head further east and south until we connect with the 1093. We head north on the 1093. Approximately 15 km after we get on 1093, we have a scheduled coffee stop at the Phu Sang (Pusang) springs. Leaving the coffee stop, we head to north to Phu Chi Fa where we will have lunch. After lunch, we head north again and continue until the 1093 ends at the 1155.
    At the 1155, we make a left and head south.
    After approximately 20 km, (just past Yoosook) we make a hard right and go west over the mountain range. This is same road we rode a few months back but we will be going over the mountain in the opposite direction of last time. After descending the mountain on the west side, we will make a left at the T-interesction at Highway 1020 and head south.
    We will travel 10 km south to the 1152 and turn right, heading eastward towards CR. The 1152 ends on the 1020 at Hua Doi, just south and east of CR. From there, make a right onto the 1020 and head for CR.

    I have no details on the coffee stop at the springs on 1093 nor any details on the lunch stop at Phu Chi Fa. If anyone knows of the names or exact locations of the best choices, please let everyone know Sunday at the start meeting.

    Lacking any input from other planners for a route for this month, I have laid this one out without personal knowledge of the roads and stops. I have listened to general comments and advice on the various roads we will travel and I think all will go well based on the roads I have chosen. I did choose to take us in a counter-clockwise direction on the circuit so that the northern guys can just head on home after we hit the top of the 1093. They will have started out up north in the morning and that will bring them full circle without having to back-track towards home after the ride ends.

    I believe we have some volunteers to throw together a map for this route and if I receive it in time, I will post/send it for everyone to have. I haven’t left the map guys much time so the map may not happen. However, we will be fine. The weather is looking great, the route is known to be spectacular and it will be a good day for the CR Bikers Day Ride group.
  3. I'll see you at PTT but won't be joining Marty, going on a short ride with some of the Thai guys to Phayao then the 120 and back and we're also meeting at PTT. Next month I'll hopefully join as will have more time with my daughter.
  4. Sorry folks. In my haste, I put the Feb. report in the Jan. thread.

    The Feb. ride saw 16 bikes leaving at the start point, several of those were two-up, along with one pick-up truck and then one bike joining us at the Phu Sang Waterfall. Really a great group of guys and gals, as always. I met some new folks on this one. Not sure but I think we had maybe four first timers. I hope they will join us again.

    Our first rest stop was less than an hour from the start point. I suspect it was a re-group/smoke break combination that saw the group re-assemble by the side of the road. We happened to be in front of a couple of little shops and one of the shop ladies there decided we needed water so she brought cold water and glasses and set it up next to our bikes. What a nice thing to do. I, for one, was ready for a cold drink and a smoke.

    Moving on down the 1020 road, several folks turned north too early and three of us turned north too late. A phone call from the early birds re-assured me that they would meet us for lunch via a slightly different route and some good navigation by the famous Captain Slash assured me that I was back on track via a by-way in just a few minutes. Soon we were parking at Phu Sang Waterfall Park for a cup and a break. That is a nice park and if you haven’t been there yet, you need to find it on the map and go have a look. Peaceful, relaxing setting. Someone told me that the water coming over the falls is hot water but I didn’t check it out. I posted some pics of the place but I am a lousy photographer and my pics don’t do it justice. We took a fairly long break there because we ALWAYS take fairly long scheduled breaks. There’s always a lot of catching up to do when we get together and after meeting the new participants, there is even more to talk about.

    Leaving the falls, we headed north on the 1093. Wow. Lots of turns on that one and I found it to be some work. Woraphat missed this ride so I found myself going a bit faster than normal and enjoying the curves with good surfaces but really paying attention on the bad ones. The road had lots of curves with loose gravel and bits of asphalt missing and that is what made extra work out of it. I found myself having to really get on the brakes at the last seconds as the loose gravel or broken surfaces came into view.

    There was a lot of smoke that day so there weren’t too many good, distant views. There was a lot to see, but just not far away. I’ll have to ride that again in the rainy season and see what all I missed. As I looked around, I kept wishing for some clear shots for the camera but by afternoon, I had given up. So, you will notice that I didn’t post any scenic shots from this trip. Pics of the group can be found on Chiang Rai Ties.

    Near Phu Chi Fa, we stopped in at a café that a couple of our riders knew from previous trips. The place had good food and did a great job of getting the lunches out to everyone without too much of a wait. That break turned into a pretty long one as well. As the time for moving on arrived, our sole Thai couple told me that they were going to spend the rest of the day there, explore that specific area and spend the night. I was a bit tuckered by then and wished that I could have had an extra day. But back on the road and north to the 1155. Again, lots of turns with lots of gravel. Really glad nobody went down that day. But these guys aren’t out for a race and everyone did fine.

    By the time I reached the 1155, the group was really strung out. Some folks made the wrong turn there by mistake, some folks made the wrong turn because they wanted to see what was further north and some folks made the planned turn south. A few others had actually turned around and went back on the 1093 a kilometer or so to top up with fuel. Eventually, all had passed that checkpoint and some of us were heading south on the 1155 to the 4018. We made the right onto the 4018 and climbed one of the steepest highways I know. That one is always fun and a guy has to pay attention. On some of those hairpin, steep turns, if you get stopped for any reason, I think your safest bet is to just lay the bike down. I know that would be MY best option. If I got stopped on one of those steep turns, there just isn’t any way I could keep the bike from sliding down the road. So, the game is, keep moving, slow and steady, no matter what. I don’t worry about it but I do pay attention. Klaus, on his chopped Steed, made it look easy. I always worry a bit about the bigger bikes but these guys have experience and make my worrying null and void. A short, exhilarated stop at the top and down the other side we went. The downhill side demands just as much respect as the uphill side and received it and then we were on the flat, straight 1020, headed south.

    At the 1152 intersection, I waited to make sure all made the turn westward and then caught up with Klaus. The rest of the gang moved on ahead and Klaus and I made a leisurely ride of the short distance back to CR with one water, fuel and smoke break. I was glad to arrive home, relax, stretch and chill out. Several of the riders were waiting in our coffee area when I arrived and a few more turned up the next day for a recap conversation. Another day ride in the books and a few more really nice folks to know. Looking forward to March 10. I hope you all can join us.
  5. Meet and greet.







  6. At the waterfall rest break.







  7. Lunch, near Phu Chi Fa.









  8. Marty
    Ive just put some info & background on R4018, the Phaya Phipak road, & R1155 up on this thread
    you might find it interesting & helpful the next time you go our riding on R1155 & R4018 & R1093 even.

    Thanks for the pix & report.
  9. Thanks, fella. Will take a look. Sorry to be so late with pics. Just have too much going on here and some internet troubles to boot.

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