Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride, March 11

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  1. The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride for March, 2016 will be on the 11th, a Friday. A rider has volunteered to lay out a route to Phu Chi Fa. He will do some scouting and mapping and will post the route details when he has them nailed down. The planner has asked that the date be changed to the 11th for this ride so that he can attend and we have agreed to hold this ride on the 11th.

    Meeting time: 08:30
    Departure time: 09:00

    The monthly Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride is not a club event, a sponsored event or a closed event. It is open to all who wish to attend and have a way to travel or can hitch a ride. All sizes and styles of bikes are welcome, as are cars, trucks, vans and so on. We have bikes from around 90 cc’s up to at 1,800 cc’s. Bikers of all skill levels and riding styles are welcome. While we typically leave the start point together, we soon find ourselves riding in small groups of riders who share our riding style and speed. Faster riders arrive at coffee and lunch stops sooner than the slower riders but we all take the time at those stops to meet and enjoy the company of old friends and new acquaintances. This is as much a social gathering as it is a sightseeing outing and to date, it has proven to be an exceptionally friendly gathering where people make new friends, Thai and expat alike, find new riding buddies and share route info, technical tips and all other manner of relevant information. If you do decide to join us, I believe you will find this meeting the highlight of your biking and social month.

    While we do generally have planned stops, each rider is free to stop where and when he/she pleases. There is no pressure to stay with the group. Smoke breaks, rest breaks, pee breaks, photo opportunities and even the lunch stop are entirely up to you. You can run ahead, fall behind and even check in a guest house for an overnight stay along the route if you see a place where you think you need to spend some time. It is all about discovering the area, meeting folks and coming away with a more informed view of the land we live in and the people we come in contact with. Bring your camera. There are great photo opportunities.

    No egos, no racing and no competitive personalities means this meeting finds all to be on their best and friendliest behavior. You won’t find a nicer group of people discovering or re-discovering the scenic routes of Lanna country. We ride all year round and while some find reasons to stay home to avoid environmental discomforts, some of us find that living or visiting in Thailand offers year round riding weather.

    Coming from far away? Contact us for guest house and hotel info prior to arriving. We will try to suggest some lodging that fits your budget and lifestyle.

    The start and meeting point for the ride is the PTT and Amazon Coffee Café on the Super Highway (Highway 1) near the old bus station in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer. The PTT can be found at the orange marker on this Google map-
    Grid coordinates are:
    Degrees Lat Long 19.9031700°, 099.8410000°
    Degrees Minutes 19°54.19020', 099°50.46000'
    Degrees Minutes Seconds 19°54'11.4120", 099°50'27.6000"
    Google Street View of that PTT can be found here-

    Coffee, petrol, tire inflation, snacks and restrooms are available at the PTT and Amazon.
  2. Do we need to RSVP if we are coming or just show up? I'll be heading over from Chiang Mai.

  3. Nah, just show up.  We never know how many we will have but it never matters.
  4. Sounds good. See you guys on Friday.

    By the way, I am assuming this is a one day, out and back ride.

  5. Good.  See you there.  Yes, out and back the same day.  Most should be back to Chiang Rai by four o'clock or so.  Some will be back earlier than that.
  6. Several of us have scouted out the route for the 11th.  One of the scouts has posted up a map and some GPS files in case anyone wants to have that info with them on the ride.  If you are in need of the GPS files, you can download them an the March 2016 ride thread on Chiang Rai Ties Forum here-,8159.0.html

    From what I have heard so far, it appears that we will have a pretty good turnout for this one.
  7. Tomorrow.
  8. I really enjoyed the day out. 14 bikes, two of them were two-up. Had four or five first-timers and David rode up from Chiang Mai to join us.

    The smog was bad, as Lakota said, but the route and the riding were great. Didn't really get hot until the ride home through Theong.

    I was pleased to see that less of the mountains had been burned off this year than on any previous March rides. I saw very little burned off areas but of course, there were a few and as always, they are ugly.

    Lots of chatting and socializing made for a very pleasant group. You folks are good company and I appreciate seeing you all.

    Special thanks to Mark and Steve for scouting this one out and also to Steve for keeping everyone together and making sure everyone (almost :) ) made the correct turns.

    See you all next month.

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