Chiang Rai Bikers Over-Nighter to Pai, May 10, a Friday

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    Hello all.

    Based on feedback from you folks for the May ride, the 10th, a Friday, will be the ride day. You can read the thread that got us this far here-

    We do have at least one person who cannot go until the 11th, Saturday, because he works during the week. He tells us if anyone else cannot go until the 11th, let him know and he will hook up with them for the Saturday ride to Pai. I suspect we have at least several teachers who will want to take advantage of that.

    There is a small contingent that will be leaving CR on the 9th because of a previous commitment. If anyone else wants to do that, let us know and we will set you up with the contact info for that smaller Thursday group.

    At last one couple is going by car and have said they have an extra seat or two if anyone wants to join us that way.

    Meeting time and place in CR is the usual but will re-post all of that soon. Route info will be posted soon but basically, we will head south towards Chiang Mai and then cut back west and north on the north side of CM. We have some CM folks going as well and we will determine a good hook-up point near CM soon. Anyone who wants to join us at any point on the trip is welcome.

    Everyone is on their own for room bookings in Pai. If you don't know anything about Pai and wish you had some help or suggestions, contact Chiang Rai Ties Forum member mac, who lives in Pai and is more or less our Pai ambassador. Let me know if you need his contact info. Pai has rooms available in a broad price range. No meets or activities are planned for the time in Pai. We will be on our own for resting, relaxing, sightseeing, dining. If anyone chooses to get everyone together for an evening meal or night out, have at it. Pai is small and a person can easily stroll around the village without benefit of transportation. Pai offers shopping, evening live music, some nice eateries. It is a very laid back place. There are quite a few things to see in the countryside, just out of Pai, if anyone wants to do a bit of touring during the day.

    We will firm up the route plan soon and post it here, as well as send it out to all on the mailing list.

    Woraphat and I will spend two nights at Pai. On the 12th, Sunday, we will return via the western route, up through Mae Hong Son and to Fang, then east back into CR.

    Please feel free to forward this to anyone that may have an interest. If you wish to be added to the mailing list for the Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride, or know of someone else who wants to be added, let me know and I'll add you. We don't send any junk mail, forwards or nonsense to those on our ride list, nor do we share the e-mail addresses with anyone else. The mails are sent bcc for your privacy. We ride monthly, year round. All sizes of bikes are welcome, as are all riding styles. We typically have bike sizes ranging from 125 cc to 1,800 cc. We usually have some of the newest models attending, as well as some of the classics and antiques. We don't ride as a herd. Hook up with other riders who ride as you do and enjoy the trip at your own speed. Stop as often and wherever you want for rest breaks and arrive at the lunch stop at your own pace. The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride group is one of the friendliest riding groups you will come across and you're likely to make new friends and meet riding buddies that share your riding style and interests.

    Marty and Woraphat
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    The Chiang Rai Bikers over-nighter to Pai will depart Chiang Rai on the 10th, which is this coming Friday.

    The start and meeting point for the ride is the PTT and Amazon Coffee Café on the Super Highway (Highway 1) near the old bus station in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer The PTT can be found at the green arrow marker on this map-
    Grid coordinates are 19.90317 and 99.84100
    Google Street View of that PTT can be found here-
    Meeting time: 08:30
    Departure time: 09:00
    Coffee, petrol, tire inflation, snacks and restrooms are available at the PTT and Amazon.

    Route info is:
    South on the highway 1 to Ban Mai
    At Ban Mai, south on the 118
    Short break at Charin Resort and meet up with south CR riders
    South on 118 to 121 west, near Chiang Mai ( we will take a break at or near the 121). We have some CM riders who will join us at CM. Still working on the meeting point for that. If any CM folks have some input about that, based on the route info above, please let me know.
    121 west to 107 north
    107 north to 1095 west
    1095 into Pai (There is a coffee shop/rest break about halfway on the 1095)

    On the return trip, Woraphat and I will leave Sunday morning. Two nights in Pai will be a nice vacation for us. Anyone looking for others to hook up with for a return trip on Saturday will have ample opportunity to do so on the trip into Pai and while we are at Pai.

    There is lots to see in the countryside near Pai so day trips will be a good idea for those who wish to explore. The town is small and we should have no trouble finding each other for dinner meetings, etc. Good idea to exchange phone numbers at the morning meet and the breaks before Pai.

    See you all on Friday morning.

    Woraphat and I have not booked a room yet. We will wait until we arrive Pai and have a look at the price ranges and facilities available.
    My number is 087-726-9818
    Woraphat’s number is 089-429-4562
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  5. Unfortunately not..... I was at AJ's yesterday and the cafe part of the biz has not got off the ground yet: AJ's wife May (who will run it) is still in the States.

    Just an idea Marty..... how about CM riders meeting at the X Centre? Ok it's off the 107 but only by 5 minutes, it's in the general direction and they can cater for a large group. Unfortunately I cannot join..... I would love to as my knee is just about there but I'll be down south.
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    Excellent idea for the X-Centre, if you don't limit yourself to 118 / 121 junction area.
    Coming down R118 when you hit the outer ring road, turn right onto R121 & follow it 17 kms to R107.
    At R107 turn right & head north, go 7 kms to the traffic lights at the Mae Sa Valley.
    Turn left & the X-Centre is only 2kms down the road R1096, on the left. Heaps of parking, aircon, good food, coffee & service.
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    Hi all. Thanks for your suggestions.

    The X Center sounds good and we will make that the meet point. However, not sure of the time we will arrive. Anyone can call me during that morning and check our progress. My number is in my previous post. For now, I will make a guess that we will arrive around 13:30. I am not even sure of how many, if any, will actually be meeting us there but it is a good idea for us to stop there as I have no idea what the place is and I need to know.
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    The X-Centre

    and on Facebook

    run by Ian "Bungy" Rauner aka "the Ambassador."

    and a GTR Dinner venue

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