Chiang Rai To Chiang Khong Via Khun Huai Mae Po

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    Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong via Khun Huai Mae Po

    Great ride, 75% road, and the rest some of the most enjoyable trails I’ve ridden.

    All roads and trails on the GT-Rider Golden Triangle Loop map.

    Just out of Chiang Rai. Love it.
    Chiang Rai  (1).JPG

    Chiang Rai  (3).JPG

    The wet season is the best time to go riding in my opinion. Sure you get wet now and then. But its worth it.
    Chiang Rai  (4).JPG

    Chiang Rai  (5).JPG

    Chiang Rai  (6).JPG

    Lovely lady with a heavy load.
    Chiang Rai  (7).JPG

    This is my kind of trail.. cruzing in third and forth gear.
    Chiang Rai  (8).JPG

    Time for lunch in the thriving metropolis of Khum Huai Mae Po. Really nice little village. I should have taken some more photos.
    Chiang Rai  (9).JPG

    Yep.... This is good.
    Chiang Rai  (10).JPG

    Chiang Rai  (11).JPG

    Back on the tar. The quiet and scenic Highway 1174 which takes you into Chiang Khong.
    Chiang Rai  (12).JPG

    I arrived in Chiang Khong and the road had just been resurfaced. Quite amusing watching people walk across the warn wet tar in thongs. No doubt there's still some of the rubber footwear stuck to road to this day.
    Chiang Rai  (13).JPG

    Another great day out in the north.

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    Too easy & too good eh Rexy?
    North Thailand is full of magic little trails all through the hills.
    Then good food, cozy accommodation & pleasant night life in the evening. Thailand has the full package to enjoy riding & life everytime.

    BTW there are some interesting tracks west of Chiang Khong you may want to have a look at next trip.

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