Chiang Rai to Phayao - 120 - 118 - Chiang Mai

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  1. After leaving the Pikey Tour at the Orchid Guest House in Chiang Rai, I rode south down the 1 until the right turn to the unique temple development at Long Khun, which as with many rich temples, constantly develops and forever changes. Today was no exception, since my last visit here they have charmingly erected the monster at the foot of the bridge with the big set of 'meat & 2 veg' !



    It was a dull start to the day with rain in the air. Indeed there was some rain on the trip between Chiang Rai & Phayao.

    Down to Phayao was miserable as it was cold without any sun & the rain was disappointing. Rain = no photo's !



    After lunch I continued a short distance down the 1 to Rong Kat and took 120 right turn to Wang Neur and Mae Khachan.

    After a short while the sun came out & the road became far more enjoyable.



    There were a few cars about but plenty of scope for riding the road as it begs to be ridden. Fast, wide & twisty.




    I stopped at Wang Nua & refuelled and pressed on towards Mae Kachan.

    In places they have renewed the surface but not necessarily removed the unevenness of it.



    I turned left at the junction with the 118 and literally had the road to myself. The dual lane highway with concreted middle barrier and the total wastage of all trees through this once beautiful route appalled me. Gone are the shady spots, so too the beautiful blooms and century old solid trunks with character full branches. I have driven this route approximately 120 times in the last 5 years and today I felt a deep pang of sadness. What a waste of nature and the environment.

    After the hot springs tourist area, the road is just as it always is, fun to ride and very good condition.



    Short of Doi Saket I took the left towards San Kamphaeng and after a short distance, stopped to say hello to Khun Chai & his wife who not only greeted me by name but knew exactly what I wanted, amazing after just one visit a month ago. Great coffee and the dogs were pleased to see me for a doggy chew.


    The ride back to Hang Dong from here is very straight forward, again, a brilliant road through San Kamphaeng and then left onto the 121 Outer Ring Road.

  2. Good one Ally.

    Nice temples,specially the white one,,was it marble? or white Gold :shock:
  3. Ally
    You little beauty - Slash really has some competition now! Ha. Ha. lift your game Captain? :p

    Thanks for the tip off on the Phayao museum, never seen or knew about that one! 8)

    Have you ever checked out Wat Analayao on the west side of the lake. If not, check it out - very beautiful & worth an over-nighter in Phayao. :idea: Hot season's here & a night in Phayao by the lake imbibing is a bit alright. Take the missus & get some brownie points you guys. :arrow:
  4. Marco - Thanks again for the compliments, yes that temple is really striking.

    The artist / designer is a prolific worker and his art is displayed in the galleries & shop there. Chiang Rai has many of his paintings in the shops & markets. A little known fact is that he is also the artist responsible for the temple back in the UK, in Wimbledon !

    The material is a fine white cement with mosaic glass set on it. Even on a dull day it looked bright, you should see it when the sun is out.

    David - Thanks for the tip, I will certainly pay that temple a visit.

  5. Great reports and photos Ally.

    That temple...........Wow!

    What a terrible shame and waste re the trees on 118.
  6. Colin - You & me alike! Looking forward to it.

    Dougal - Thanks & yes, this temple has a big 'Wow' factor and if you ever get a chance to visit, you will always see workers adding more fairy tale icing to a new section of the site.

  7. Ally, nice report and superb fotos as always !! By the way where is this Noodle Museum ? Is there anything on Sale there too ? the Beetle looks interesting to me................
    Shortly before Wang Nua did they resurface this rotten part too or is it still in the same bad shape it was a month ago ? Wang Nua to Mae Ka Chan was not that bad before.
    Another coffeshop I have to go too, good coffee and friendly dogs is what I like !! Ally, once up in CNX and not busy with anything please let me treat you to coffee & cake there !! Cheers, Franz
  8. Franz - Sorry to have missed your question on this thread about the location of the noodle shop.

    If you are travelling north from Lampang through Phayao on the 1, you will find it on the left, after you pass the 1001 turning.

    The building is quite distinctive with lots of wood and large entrance arch too. If you go at eating time - it is generally very busy - Erm... TiT :p So that will be during waking hours then!

  9. Looks like I've missed the Noodle Museum (again) in Phayao. Any hints on the location?

    Love the above two photos of the swooping road road!
  10. David - Oh how I love the invitation to go back on the 120 with my new toy (60csx) and grab the precise location in Phayao for you !

    You will have to wait a bit, I have a shed load of other planned rides I want to mark up for myself before hand.

    However, if my memory serves me well, please realise I am over 5, the Noodle shop with mini museum is called Chan Pen @ N19.20736 E99.87079.

    Thanks for the comments about the pics.


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