Chiang Rai to Singapore 2010

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  1. We start from Chiang Rai 26 january
    and spend 1 month in Phuket.
    Now we are in Satun south Thailand
    and tomorrow we will across border with Malesia.
    One video of the last south province of Thailand

    gt rider take a look :wink:

    farang with thai girl....

  2. last km of the south border of Satun


    The bridge in Penang

    Highway direction Ipoh

    Highway gallery

    Direction Cameron Highland

    Cameron Highland

    gt rider take a look :lol:
  3. Author Message
    if u drop to Kuala Lumpur pls call me 0122568742..w meet n have a dinner :shock:
  4. sorry
    i am already in phuket
    i was in kuala lumpur
    1 week ago
    soon i will write samething about this trip
    until today i was very busy
    we drive honda cbr 150 cc.
    last small motobike i drive i start to be too old
    for this kind of motobike
    i prefer samething more big and easy to drive
    cannot drive like now alwayes full speed because have not too much power....
    in koh lanta i meet one cinese couple they drive from singapore
    very sad the location we meet
    4 days ago one farang family with sidecar go outside sharp curve
    and the mother die
    the children painful but still alive :(
  5. this is one italian forum where i write
    if is not forbitten( i no want publicize this forum
    is just because is more simple for me to show samething
    to same motorist like me)
    of italian people love thailand
    also if not understand italian language
    can see many picture and more video of our trip
    are 10 page
    start from krabi until today in pkt
    because the rest of thailand i show many other time in this
    italian forum
    no need registration ... t=&start=0
  6. nice music hehehe
  7. Taman Negara
    small interwiew to arang asli

    what do you fell if you swim n the river intaman negara

    Genting highaland
    let's go to play casinò

    Kuala Lumpur



    Ao Nang Krabi Thailand

    Phuket sarasin bridge

  8. click on the picture if want enlarge full screen

    Eating in highway in Malaysia

    thumb_1270311310.jpg thumb_1270311502.jpg

    In Singapore police stop us at the costums
    they see one blow pipes we buy from
    orang asli(people origin native in Malaysia) Taman negara
    we loose 5 hours in tuas costums
    we think they gonna arrest us
    everythink gonna be ok
    but make us loose the felling
    and soo we stop only 2 days in Singapore and come back quickly
    in Malaysia
    we prefer 3 world country much moore :lol:
    a little worried to pass same or more night with real terrorist
    in monkey house :mrgreen:

    thumb_1270311846.jpg thumb_1270311919.jpg

    Melaka Malaysia

    thumb_1270312094.jpg thumb_1270312293.jpg

    today we just arrive in bangkok
    phra pradeng the boat for across the river chao phraya

    thumb_1270312685.jpg thumb_1270312832.jpg

    this is the 4 time
    we drive from chiang rai to singapore
    me and my girl togheter
    first trip we made in 2004

    1 time honda wave 125 cc.
    2 time honda sonic 125 cc.
    3 time honda cbr 150 cc.
    4 time honda cbr 150 cc.

    now i get boring about small motobike
    and is time to change.....
    but is very good because really cheap
    also if they stolen is not a real big problem
    and i cannot forget when i was young and i travel in asia
    without a lot of money
    and sametimes i sleep in the grass of gasoline station
    for save money from hotel

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