Chiangmai Ram Hospital

Jul 28, 2004
Thought I would retract some less than flattering remarks I made about CMR in an earlier posting. I had my lower left leg pinned after fracturing both tib and fib in various places following an "off" in August. Upon returning to the Philippines I had several follow-up checks locally in Cebu at 6 weeks, 3 months and 4 months post-op which all showed no signs of healing. The local ortho doc was less than optimistic with the surgery and stated that leg would not heal and would probably require bone grafts etc. Hence my dissilusionment with CMR.
However, I remained in contact with my surgeon from CMR who insisted that due to severity of the injury it would be between 4 and a half and 6 months before any improvement was likely. He also suggested very diplomatically as only a Thai can that the ortho doc in the Philippines might not be familiar with the relatively new technique employed in the surgery (MIPO) and might well believe that it would not heal. Anyway, I decided to give it another two months before considering anything more drastic and sure enough the 6-month xray showed bones 85% healed and full weight bearing ok immediately. So I can only say that Chiangmai was right and the orthos here in Cebu were less than accurate in their prognoses. My particular thanks to Dr Kanit Sananpanich at CMR who performed the surgery and kindly monitored and advised me throughout via email and cellphone at no charge and prevented me from heeding the eroneous recommendations given me here in Cebu. I can now look forward to getting back over to the GT and onto two wheels in the next couple of months. What a relief! I would add that I have the GT Rider site to thank for my sanity as it kept me motivated during the low points of the last 6 months! :D