Chiangmai ToyRide Dec 26 event

Feb 5, 2007
The Chiangmai ToyRide is having another give away event on Boxing Day (Dec 26) to the Mae Meh orphan school

The ride will depart the X-Centre in Mae Rim at 10:00 AM and is about 64 km one way. We will turn off of Hwy 107 before Chiang Dao where the construction begins, and follow a paved concrete road which winds through rain forest and a mountain valley approx 14km to the school. There is a 1.1 km of unpaved rutted dirt, but I rode it on my Kawasaki Versys on road tyres and no problem. I could have done it on my Harley with a little care so do not let this put you off.

While each child will receive a toy, The Chiangmai ToyRide is not just about toys, and at Mae Meh we are doing renovations on the children's dorms, as well as buying needed supplies for both the school and the kids themselves.

For pics and more info on this event, and what the Chiangmai ToyRide is all about, please see our website at

See the related post for the GT Rider Boxing Day Ride and dinner that will follow this event

All types of bikes and Riders are welcome and hope to see you there
Feb 5, 2007
We need a pickup to haul the swag to the school as there is too much for my truck
Anyone not riding that can help out?
Feb 5, 2007
Thanks to all that turned out and made the day. I did not count but perhaps 25 bikes?
The 1 km of dirt was a bit challenging for some but only one tip over and no damage to the bike or rider as he was virtually stopped at the time. About 10 of us went on a short ride after and a good time was had by all.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed in the Contractor we hired to renovate the dorms. We were told Dec 25 that all was finished, however when we arrived it was nowhere near finished and still looks like a concentration camp. Needless to say we did not pay the contractor and want the job finished before we do so.
Hopefully this will happen very soon and the kids can have a decent dorm.

I still wonder why they installed new windows then proceeded to block them off by constructing a big closet right in front. I guess that logic is not taught is this school.
In any case once it is finished these orphan kids will have a bit of a better life, and we thank our Sponsors and riders for making all this happen.

Silverhawk is out website master and he is back in the USA for Christmas so no new Chiangmai ToyRide website pics until he returns.
Anyone able to post some pics here?
Sep 4, 2007
Slow responding to Roberts request, but finally here are some photos of another great Toy Ride. A challenging last few Km for some, to a school in a remote location. As always great to share with the children and to see their delight at something different happening in their day. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.







The school had a number of projects running, to help them to be self sufficient for meat, fish and vegatables. To far to be popping to a market, let alone a supermarket.






Fun and games with the clowns and the annual tug of war, always won by the children, and yes the adults, including me were really trying.







After the event, Frank's BMW would not start, despite having ridden up from Khon Kaen 2 days before, fortunately Robert had jump leads in his pickup and Frank was able to join those of us, who had a very pleasant ride back to Chiang Mai via Phrao.



Thanks to Robert, and other committee members for the usual slick organisation and to all others who helped to make this a great way to spend Boxing Day.