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  1. last year i ride cambodia end the shout part of laos . then my ttr250 broukedawn end i had to go back to BC . this year i want to do the nort part of laos en a part of china . dus sombodie nows wat i need to make e smoot bordercrossing from laos to china . papers monie ,roads, ...
  2. Mate,It has been impossible to get into China for some time, although some lucky buggers have managed to pay their way across obscure border crossings.The trouble is, then you have to get out!
    I am about to work in Shanghai and have contacted Butch from the Red Devils M.C. he knows all the ins and outs of the Chinese Border Problem.
    There is a link on Davids site.
    While I am in Shanghai I will be trying ever devious way of getting my bike in, if I am successful I will post it here.

  3. China is actually quite nice for riding in. However, I don't like the idea that I can't take the bike on the highways. All highways are banned from motorcycle usage as far as I know and have been for several years due to the number of bad accidents involved.

    I am also living in Shanghai but took a break for a few months in Thailand.
  5. We have 2 agenda this year. 1. Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-China-Laos-Singapore. Total of 40 days. 2. Singapore-Malaysia-Thai-Laos-Chang Mai bike week. Total of 30days. You may contact me if interested to join. Toatal bikers going 15.
  6. Hi , Iam planning m/bike trip to China from Bangkok ,I would like to know is there any new information about intering the China ?
    As far as i know it is not possible.
    Thanks have a safe ride!
  7. Hi Kete,

    Nice to see you here.
    Just got back from the Inner Mongolia tour. 4000km in 12 days. Will post my photo report here as usual.

    Am leaving for the S'pore/Malaysia ride 23/9-3/10.

    Will I see ya at Chingmai Bike Week 2005? I will be riding from Bangkok up.

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