Chinese New Year 2013

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  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just a friendly reminder that Chinese New Year starts this weekend Feb 10.
    Traffic mayhem - convoys of mini buses & cars - is about to hit from this weekend on, for a week.

    Accommodation will be heavily booked, if not full, for the next week.

    So its generally NOT a good time to ride & travel.

    You all take care out there - ride to live & enjoy life a bit longer!
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  3. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Traffic jams & full hotels are very annoying this time of year but also:

    Spare a thought for the many thousands of Sharks that will loose their fins & be left for dead at the bottom of the ocean to fill all those bowls of soup on Chinese new year!!
    Very sad indeed :thumbdown:


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