Chinese scooter 125 cm3 for sale in South Laos or Vietnam

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  1. Hi,

    We are a couple of tourists travelling from China towards south of Laos and then we cross to Vietnam and go north to Hanoi. We will be there by September 14th. If you were on our way, we could sell you our scooter (Honda Ripoff) that we bought, with Lao registration plates and documents. This the more powerful version of 125 cm3, from 2006, we bought it for 5 milion Kip. We constructed a trailer for it to carry our packs. Let me know if you are interested on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].

    You can see the photo on: ... 6015029042

  2. I'm interested only if those flash shoes come with it. 5 million kip is a bit heavy a price for a knock off second hand bike that's been pulling a vegetable cart around, so what is your price?
  3. Hi Jimoi,

    we will ask about 4 million Kip in Pakse in the next days. We must get rid of it by the time we get to Hoi An in Vietnam.

    Where are you, what do you offer?

    I think we can negotiate about the shoes...


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