Chom Cafe & Restaurant. Chiang Mai.


Jun 23, 2011

Coffee & cake (and great food) in a fairytale garden!

This cafe & restaurant is a surprisingly secluded and peaceful spot off the busy R3029 in the Mae Hia area of Chiang Mai.
Location HERE.

The garden area is relatively small but beautifully done, with relaxing music playing softly so as not to drown out the sound of trickling water and the gush of the waterfall features.

Behind the pretty garden is a large scale cafe and restaurant, with an indoor aircon area and outdoor section (with large fans), offering an extensive menu of tasty dishes at reasonable prices.

*NOTE* - Normally this cafe is PACKED. Filled with (mainly Chinese tourists) wanting to get the perfect photo. So, if you want to see the cafe quiet like in the video, best to go now whilst tourism is down.

For more info on the restaurant head over to their page here: Chom Cafe and Restaurant