Chong Mek - Pakse - Champasak update.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Update this before I forget.

    The final stretch of the road from Ubon to Chong Mek is getting the dual carriage way upgrade.
    The last bit after the reservoir the single lane highway with nice trees has all been flattened and dug up all the way to Chong Mek.
    No delays and still can make good speed and time. Just the nice last bit of road that had the cooler air from the trees has been destroyed.

    On the Lao side they have started the same thing from the border. But not progressed Very far yet.. But it is coming soon

    At Chong Mek they have some gates there to stop vehicles from entering that are not crossing the border. Certainly less chaotic now around the immigration and customs area

    In Vang Tao the insurance office has closed ! Customs still there and no need to walk inside now. They do everything through the window. Only insurance I am aware of is in Pakse.
    Of course closed Saturday afternoon when I got there. So no Insurance again. Very annoying. I think we need to write a letter to the head of the insurance companies and let them know this is silly. You need insurance at the border and when the border is open.

    The road to Champasak is complete all the way to Champasak town. Not sure of the status to Wat Phou as we followed the river road from Champasak. Road from pakse is in excellent condition and all the gravel on the Tarmac gone..


    Ps We are having a great time. Followed the Mekong all the way down and took a ferry to Don Kong.
  2. I will update this topic as soon I'm back home. I did a trip in this area for 4 days and will add some pictures.
  3. Must have been there around the same time.
    I rode it Saturday Jan 7th 2012.

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