Chong Mek / Vang Tao Border Update - July 2013

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    Hi All,

    Just back from a 6 day trip to Southern Laos with the Ubon Shogun..

    Big changes on the way for the border crossing at Vang Tao.

    While the Thai side is pretty much upgraded and the dual carriageway almost at the border..
    May be another 6 to 12 months and all done?

    The Lao side is really far behind..
    Barely progressed 15 km on the road works heading to Pakse.. But what has been done near the border is looking good.

    Along with this expected increase in traffic.. The border facilities are being upgraded on the Lao side.

    When you cross you have to turn right a bit early between the sheet metal fence and go around the construction and ride up to the same building where immigration and customs are.
    Basically ride around and up the way you would exit when done with the formalities.

    The old way in blocked off.. Our bikes parked while we go through the formalities - All the same as before.. No change here yet.
    The Viet Lao insurance etc has moved to the end of the building as you ride back out..

    Picture looking towards the border with the gap in the fence for vehicles

    Same building as before..

    Below are a couple of pictures that show how the crossing will look one the facilities have been upgraded.



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