Chris McCarty Memorial ride 1-9-2010

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I below attach a translation of a Thai message sent out to all Khon Kaen riders. Chris joined us many times and we greatly enjoyed his company and contribution to our rides, especially because he just did not allow the pain and health difficulties he had long term from preventing him practising his hobby. We have arranged a ride from Khon Kaen as below leaving from the Yamaha Square shop. Its on the same road as the big school Khon Kaen Wittayalay, Thanon Na Muang. A few hundred metres past the school on the LHS heading out of town. Opposite corner and opposite side of road, 2 other large motorcycle shops. We would like to contribute to wat and the school in the village as well as the family of Chris, so the programme below has been arranged.
    Please feel free to join and invite anyone else who knew Chris or wishes to join.
    Please consider this also an invitation to Eagle riders, who Chris new well.
    Best wishes for 2010


    I am pleased to inform you another motorbike trip to contribute kids and show respect to Chirs who passed away.
    Please communicate to our biker freinds all around.
    The Memorial Ride for Chris on Children's day
    Date : 09 Jan.2010

    09.00am Meeting time at YAMAHA Maung Pol Chua Tek Tai, Khon Kaen
    09.30am Trip starts to Amper Don Mong, Khon Kaen (40kms from KK)
    10.00am Arrive to Tah Lee Temple
    10.00-12.00 Maintenance the temple, Activity with Kids -feed snack, gift and stuffs
    12.00-13.00 Lunch
    13.00-14.00 Visit Chris's family
    14.30- Leaving for Khon Kaen

    Chris is a biker as well as social activist. In past 2 years, he have contributed to social run in every motorbike clubs around Northern Esan of Thailand without discrimination. We truly love and care Chris and his family. Chris passed away on 22 Dec.2009 because of liver cancer. He will always stay in our heart forever. Chris, the Rider.
  2. John has 11 tee shirts left from the ride at 200 baht ot best offer. Proceeds to the widow,
  3. I am taking the remaining 12 simple black T shirts to Ray 23, who is going to take them to the Lobo party in Nong Khai this weekend.
    As Ray said, the proceeds will go to the widow. Khon Kaen rider had the T shirts made and printed as a tribute to Chris and his courage in fighting off a long standing series of afflictions, he kept riding as long as he could, and when it got too painful he still attended rides with his wife driving him in a pickup.

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