Christian White and the Asian Brown

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  1. Dougal

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    Old one and a good one and the proof that over 100 years ago the situation was just the same!

    It is not wise for the Christian white
    To hassle the Asian brown
    For the Christian riles
    while the Asian smiles
    and weareth the Christian down
    At the end of the fight
    is a tombstone white
    With the name of the late deceased
    And the epitaph drear
    A fool lies here
    Who tried to hurry the East

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  3. Rhodie

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    excerpt from The Ladies

    Now I aren't no 'and with the ladies,
    For, takin' 'em all along,
    You never can say till you've tried 'em,
    An' then you are like to be wrong.
    There's times when you'll think that you mightn't,
    There's times when you'll know that you might;
    But the things that you will learn from the Yellow an' Brown,
    They'll 'elp you a lot with the White!

  4. BignTall

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    Great stuff gents. Let the gates open and allow the wisdom to flow. More more.
  5. Rhodie

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    With the danger of creating a poets' corner
    I thought I would share the lyrics of the great
    but little known US singer Warren Zevon.

    a favourite song of his contains sentiments
    that some may recognise at certain lunar periods:

    Basket Case

    (written by Warren Zevon and Carl Hiaasen)

    My baby is a basket case
    A bipolar mama in leather and lace
    Face like an angel-she's a perfect waste
    My baby is a basket case

    Dracula's daughter, Calamity Jane
    Smoke on the water, water on the brain
    She's pretty as a picture-and totally crazed
    My baby is a basket case

    She's gonna make a madman outta me
    She's gonna make a madman outta me

    She's manic-depressive and schizoid, too
    The friskiest psycho that I ever knew
    We're paranoid lovers lost in space
    My baby is a basket case

    My baby's gonna celebrate
    I'm being dragged through the nuthouse gates
    Got my straitjacket on and I'm taking her place
    My baby is a basket case

    She finally made a madman outta me
    She finally made a madman outta me
    My baby made a madman outta me
    She finally made a madman outta me

    Warren Zevon was truly a great song writer.
    If you haven't heard of him, and the lyrics resonate,
    then you are in for a treat.


    I came to him late after he had passed on,
    along with his great mate Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

    Some of his greatest songs include:

    Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
    Lawyers, Guns & Money
    I''ll Sleep When I'm Dead
    Life'll Kill Ya

    Truly a Misanthrope's Balladeer!
  6. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Here's a video collage with some images from Africa
    primarily Rhodesia- to go along with another of Zevon's great songs
    Warren Zevon - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

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