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  1. Are there any GT Riders going to Chumphon bike week 2-3 May? I am in Bangkok and would like to go but would like to ride with others if anyone is going. Let me know I ride a ZZR 1100. Call me at 084 660 6460 or email at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] thanks
  2. Below link in English about Bike Week, just scroll down screen when their web site come up

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  3. Dan,
    I've emailed you.

  5. Pico

    did you click on the link I posted above, if not, below is what it says...

    Detail of work

    Chumphon Superbike Club Local goverment.There are organize 5th for invite friends of biker aroun country to join and open the Chumphon Sea World with motorcycle.

    -The biker: 500฿ free food and drink all day.
    -The biker lady : 200฿ .We have a lot of delicious food about 10 zones for you.
    -T-shirt bikeweek 2008 250฿.

    We have many size for souvenir.Everybody will get free food and drink.
    We have a cold beer and dilicious food with music full option.
    We are believe that if you been in Chumphon before you will remember this word like every year.
    Good beer bike week Chumphon beer.
    You will be able ask for the information at the hotel with us.We welcome everybody and take care of you .We don't worry about the cost of bike.We will take care every think.
    Everybody is same!
  6. The flyer says 300 ฿ as does the Thai text. :shock:
    Let's hope it's just a typo and not double-pricing.
  7. The flyer says 300 ฿ as does the Thai text. :shock:
    Let's hope it's just a typo and not double-pricing.
    If you get to read this before the ride 4pm Saturday, say Hi. I will be the 'dood' riding the silver Honda Wave 'S' 125, with BMW sticker on rear mudguard, and 'John' name tag attached to front basket....
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  9. Riders....
    next weekend will be held a Big BIKER PARTY at Chumpon.. HWY No.4
    direction City... 3 KM , left side Grand Hotel area.
    Start in the afternoon , 20th. os Sept. 2008

    You are welcome

    Eddy Surat T.
  10. Eddy, is that a one-day party?
  11. No , its an overnighter.
    With food , live music etc.
    Some night action also in the center of town..... Live music, Disco, Karaoke, etc.etc.
    Cow action near train station.

    Weather is okay, no rain

    Take care Eddy SRT

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