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  1. Periodically, members will post and discuss classic, as well as modern motorcycles.
    I've always been partial to cars and never to motorcycles, until I began riding them upon moving to Thailand.

    I'd like to draw attention to Jay Leno's website, which I've been a fan of for a long time. Jay Leno is the long-time host of a late night US TV show, with a large collection of vehicles. While he has passion for cars, his love is for motorcycles.

    Below is a link to a recently featured motorcycle, the famous Vincent Black Widow, on Jay Leno's Garage website. Numerous other motorcycles previously featured can be found by going to the motorcycle link in the "categories" section, on the right of the page.

  2. I was brought up on Classic bikes , BSA, Trumpets, Nortons ,triton etc I still have an interest in the older beasts and have a large pile of classic mags if you want to read them .
  3. cdrw,

    The bike is a Black Shadow. Here's the best Vincent pic ever; Rollie Free on the "bathing suit special" at Bonneville salt flats. He couldn't get over 150 mph with his leathers on...... what a hero, a real biker......

    Here's some more great sites for drooling over;

    I also have a 3ft pile of classic bike mags.

    I'm out and about on my '59 Thunderbird almost everyday. 150 klms yesterday, brilliant.


  4. What I obviously failed to mention in my initial post is what I found most interesting on the site, were the articles on bikes made/designed by the early motorcycle pioneers, from the 1890's to 1930's.
  5. sorry, forgot to include the Rollie Free pic...........:shifty:


    true hero...........
  6. I was in England this summer and had time to visit Sammy Miller's museum near Southampton.
    What a marvellous collection. 400 bikes from all eras and countries; from veterans and vintage through to classics, with a racing section too. He has an AJS Porcupine there and a bike with duplex steering from the 30's with a Matchless Silver Hawk V4 ohc engine.
    There were people from all over the world there looking around. These bikes are supposed to be running and certainly many of them get taken out for classic race meetings every year. Sammy must be in his seventies, but he was there in the workshop, working on three of his bikes with a couple of staff.
    If you ever get a chance to visit this museum, it's worth the trip. :p
    Some pics;











  7. Some Vincent photos taken in June 2008 in Kelso, near Nelson, B.C. Canada. We were just having lunch when a group of Vincent Owner's Of Canada showed up. In lovely condition & not an oil leak between them.

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  8. Luverly.....:clap:
  9. I have been trying for 8 years to buy a Norton commando off a Dutch guy in thailand its been in storage for 12 years and needs much restoration work the guy never touches it he is drunk every day but he wont sell it .......drives me nuts its the perfect project for me
  10. Years ago, I did see 2 Commandos that were brought in by a Candian guy who was involved in Pattaya Custom Classics, a shop that used to be on the highway in the 90s. He had brought a container of classics into Thailand.
    They were 750s in rough condition and someone was trying to make a Fastback style rear mudguard for one. I was looking at buying one of these bikes but the price was too steep.
    It's a shame that one you know of is owned by a waster. It probably needs an awful lot of time and money, but would still be a great project and a highly desirable quick bike.
  11. This might be better called ancient & modern ( the bikes that is). The ancient one on the left belonged to a friend of mine in the '70's. TriBSA professionally chopped BSA A10 engine in a Triumph frame. Ran well, no leaks or troubles. Just occasionally on a hot day would have to be rested for a while - the petrol had a habit of vapourising before it got to the carb., once it had cooled down a bit was OK again. The right hand bike is my Honda CB500-4 bought new in 1975, had it for four years & never any trouble - guess this one would be a classic now! Not the best of photos sadly!

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  12. Cool....

    What may have helped with the fuel is an insulator gasket. They are about 3/16" thick and go between the Amal carb flange and the inlet manifiold. Stops the carb or carbs getting too hot.

    .... I may have to dig out some auld old photos then.....
  13. More Golden Oldies - in their younger days!
    Taken in November 2004. From Wat Pa Ngao overlooking the Mekong near ChiangSaen.
    Far left, is the Venerable Ian from ViangYanok with his trusty Triumph Thunderbird. 3rd from left is the T.O.G. DavidL now from BanMai & the gentleman in the white Tshirt showing us his best side is that well known pensioner from MaeChan, Phil "feel the noise". David L & Phil at the time were on their first trip to Thailand & using hired 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets.

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  14. Two more ancient beasts for anyone interested. Both owned & restored by a friend of mine in South Africa. I've seen the restored BSA & he has done a first class job on it. Has original carbide headlight & oil pump is hand operated! Every few miles you have to stop & hand pump oil around the engine. Its a 1928 model. The Ariel is a Red Hunter which was running but tatty when I saw it - Richard has since restored it to something like its former glory - its from the 50's if I remember correctly.

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