Classic bike show s UK 2007

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  1. The PICASSA

    Link will take you to my Photo Albums for 2 great classic bike runs I did in April and May this year both runs were about 120km long on A ans B roads. great mix of bikes .

    My bike is the red Monster 750 seen in front of Herstmoncoux castle and next to the Brough Superior which was an SS80 and could eassily keep up with the modern machines even though it was 81 years old and the rider was 82.

    Also the school in the background was where I was educated sort of 34 years ago, the bald headed biker next to the Norton 750 Commando is my mate Ian (TINY) he has owned thar bike since he was 19 he is 46 now.

    Also the Morgan 3 wheeler and the MotoGuzzi sports car.

  2. Some great looking old bikes there MM.
    I saw an Indian and a Norton similar to ones I owned in NZ in the 60's but no Ariel Square Four. Was there one there ?
    Love the Morgan.
  3. Yeah I saw a Square 4 on one of the runs ,there was so many old bikes over 350 on the engineerium run and some 240 on the eastbourne run.I could not photo them all.

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