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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ray23, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. ray23

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    What is the proper way to clean a K&N air filter? These things are paeng Mak Mak I would like to get a little more ue out of it before I drop a bunch of money
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  3. trevbart

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    Easy to clean but before you start you will need some K&N oil. In Chiang Mai available at bike accessory shop, ground floor Pantip Plaza (on the corner of Chang Klan Road, Sri Donchai Road). Not sure of other shops who stock this. It comes in a white can BTW.

    Don't be tempted to use other oils, it does not work! They will just block the filter...

    They have the cleaning solution too but I have also used dish washing liquid.

    Never use high pressure water or air on the filter. Just swish it around in a bucket of soapy water until it looks clean, then rinse well. Let it dry for a few hours in front of a fan. Apply fresh K&N oil and your done.

    I think there are instructions on the K&N filter oil can as well.
  4. daewoo

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    Assuming it is the same as other filter socks, just some dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water... don't be afraid to really get vigorous with the washing... it should come up looking pretty clean...

    I like to oil the filter and then put it back in a bag and spread the oil around so I don't wear half the oil...

  5. trevbart

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    Forgot to mention, K&N is a cotton gauze filter. Hot water or a hair dryer should not be used either. Manufacturer claims this will damage it...
  6. ray23

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    Thanks guys I will order it from Bangkok, not going to find it in Udon
  7. harrythefinn

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    Look for the K&N filter oil at your local 4WD accessory shop they often have it.

    It used to be blue colour (the oil itself , not the can) Does anyone know if the red stuff is the same that is in the spray cans now?
  8. ray23

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    Thanks Guys
  9. feejer

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    K/N makes a good durable filter and I used to have one in my FJR. During a routine cleaning of it and while waiting for the oil to soak in and set, I took a look inside the airbox area where the filter was supposed to have filtered the air prior to the throttle-bodies. There was a coating of something there, so I wiped it down with a cloth and it was fine dust. The filter was oiled and seated properly with no problem with the gaskets.

    Hold the K/N up to the light and you can see gaps between the cotton fabric. No amount of oil is going to bridge that. They may flow better and are re-usable, but IMO they let the really fine grit pass. So I replaced it with the UNI polyurethane foam and its been great. Never a hint of anything in the airbox now and white glove clean. It's amazing what comes out of that thing when I clean it. I'm sold on oiled foam for every motor I own now. ... npage.html

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