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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by davemackay, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Off to the GT in a month for first tour-looking for advice on what gear to bring from UK to stay safe-I'm 6'4 and 120kg (20 stone) so need to bring gear with me due to almost guaranteed sizing problems when i get there. I obviously wanna stay as cool as possible and don't mind looking like a dick as long as my temp is as cool as possible (thinking garish moto-x gear). Got myself a caberg justissimo flip-lid for instant air already. Read about the original 'Kool Kollars' that fill with ice on the web-anyone know where i can get hold of one of these? All comments/advice and suggestions for jackets/trousers in particular most welcome

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    You'll be right mate, if you're coming in a month or so you'll be coming as the cool season gets closer. Never mind trying to keep cool. At night you'll need at least a long sleeved tee shirt to keep warm. December can get very cold at night but it's a great time to be out riding.

    Cheers GT

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