Clutch info for Djebel 250 XC

Oct 20, 2006
Looking for clutch disk and clutch cable specifications for my Suzi Djebel 250 XC. Or even better: 2 clutch cables and a complete clutch kit (Steel disks, friction discs and springs).
Also for the carb (anybody got an idea what make and type?) a spring for the a/p, mine is not springy at all!
Looking forward to reading from you all soonest.

Thanks in advance


Oct 6, 2006
You might have better luck finding parts for the Djebel in Cambodia! I'd suggest maybe Vay's in Ppenh could help you.

I've a 250 Djebel...and asked a reliable local shop to get me a set of clutch and throttle cables. That was in January...of last year. I'm still waiting.
Oct 20, 2006
Thanx cdrw

In the meantime I found out that EBC offers a clutch set for the Djebel (compatibel with the Suzuki DR 250 RXT).

The part #:
CK1181 for the disks (standard clutch kit)
CSK46 for the springs (spring clutch kit)

There is a typo in the titel, instead of Djebel they wrote Dejbel 250 XC.

That what kept me finding it first hand.

Maybe you can ask someone coming in from Europe or the US to bring you one.

I'll check with the REd Baron the week after next when in BKK, maybe, just maybe they have it in stock...

Thanks again.