CM - Chai Phrakan - Phrao - Wiang PaPao - 109 - CM


Jan 31, 2005
Yesterday I rode north out of Chiang Mai on 107. Near Mae Taeng I came upon a couple riding a Beemer North. Rode with them for a bit, wondering if that was David and Mai?

Anyway, a ways after Chiang Dao I took a right on 1346? (Chai Prakan loop road) to Phrao. 1346 is in fairly decent shape with less sand than I recall.

From Phrao I continued on 1150 towards Wiang Pa Pao. About half way I stopped and consumed the lunch I had packed, enjoying the spectacular views and quiet. I think I saw at most three other vehicles on this stretch. This pavement is rather rough, which makes the TL feel rather nervous at speed. Still, the scenery and challenging twists and turns are just great.



Lunch break on 1150



Then it was up to the Charin Resort for coffee and pie. Back to Mae Suai and up the awesome 109 towards Fang. About ¾ of the way, I turned around and headed back down to Mae Suai. I then took 118 back to Chiang Mai, arriving home at dusk pooped and satisfied.