CM-Mae Chaem-Inthanon-Samoeng-CM loop


Jan 25, 2007
I saw the Inthanon-Mae Chaem loop write-up on this web-page so decided to give it a go as a day trip. So, yesterday morning I topped up up my trusty XR650R and headed out at 8am on the 108 to Hot. From there up to Mae Chaem and across and up to Doi Inthanon. Stopped there for a latte then headed down towards Chomtong. Didn't feel like doing the boring 108 CM-Chomthong road twice in one day, so I hung a left at Khun Klang onto the 1284 and went via Khun Wang, Huai Tong, Bo Kaew, Huai Mana to Samoeng. What an awesome trip! The road from Khun Klang to Huai Mana varies from badly pot-holed tar, to brand new blacktop, to brick paving, to seriously rough dirt. After a bowl of Kuay Tiaw and 3 cokes at Supanee's in Samoeng it was great to finish off the day's ride by hitting the twisties to Mee Rim at a speed sufficient to get the worst of the dust off the bike. 330 km's later I was home at 3:30 - in time to go for a swim with the kids.
I can highly recommend this route for Dual sport/Enduro bikers. Its good fun. Sorry no pics.