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  1. Hi all.

    I am considering (roughly) this route in a few months (before rainy season):
    Chiang Mai > Nam Pat (via Queen Sirikit Dam)>Nong Khai (along the border) > Vientiane > Luang Prabang > (Maybe Plain of Jars) > Chiang Khong > Chiang Mai.

    Im familiar enough with the Thai side, but no idea of the best route or must-see's on the Laos side.
    Will be a solo ride.

    Riding Dtracker 250cc / vee rubber dual sports tires.

    I dont mind some rougher roads/trails, but don't really want anything OTT dirt-wise, as i am riding solo and do not know Laos well enough.

    I love border routes rather than long stretches, but also want to feel safe too.

    Any suggestions or tips etc?

    Thank a lot!
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  2. From Luang Prabang to Phonsavan (plain of Jars) is a very entertaining road with heaps of curves. And its a good days ride.
    From Phonsavsn you can ride to Nong Khiaw, (via Muang Kham and Phukam) a beautiful little river town. Its a long days ride from Phonsavan 400 kms but goes through absolutely amazing and remote scenery. Possible to spend a night in Phukam.
    Then to Oudomxay-Luang Namtha-Huay Xai.
    Take your time and stay in Phonsavan 1-2 days and explore the area and the same in Nong Khiaw. All this stretches should be paved, the stretch between Pak Mong and Oudomxay used to be a bit rough and partly dirt but I think I have read its upgraded and good now.

    For example....
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  3. Hoping for additional info.
    I will be coming from the Vientiane side and traveling up towards Huay Xai.
    Is this route plan the best option?
    Seems to be mainly all main routes (which I am not a fan of), but I dont know Laos well and I know the roads are often not in great condition.
    Is there anything else I should be considering? Or alternatives?
    This is the route: Google Maps
  4. ECCF7A9F-7B52-4376-98B5-060A89C2D028. It depends what you mean by «best»? I would say that route is pretty straightforward and thus quite good.
    But I think I would have gone Vientiane-Luang Prabang-Phonsavan (yes there would be some kms of backtracking there but...)-Muang Kham-then the R1C up to Nong Khiaw as this is an absolutely fantastic and remote ride in my opinion. And from Nong Khiaw (which is one of my favorite spots in Laos) your just 20-30 kms from Pak Mong and into your route again.

    Just my personal opinion then...
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  5. Thanks. Looking into this route more. Appreciated!
  6. How many days have you got?
    If you have a time limit it will affect your route & stops.
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  7. Hi David. Thanks. Still considering how many days i can factor in.
    I may end up doing a reverse route (via Huay Xai) instead, as a friend was stuck in Vientiane recently for 4 hours to get through.
    It is likely better for me to go via Huay Xai as they already have my details and I already did the process nice and fast with you last time. might be getting an earlier visitor at Chiang Khong before i go over.
    Reserve a visitor spot for me please..haha. Will confirm once ive worked out more. :D
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  8. Good news you are coming this way. I may tag along for a bit perhaps.
    See you soon then.
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