Cnx Day Ride - In The Dirt

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    Spied this road - or series of roads on GMaps. Thought a recce was in order.
    Took the 118 up to the Jiffy just before the 120 road, topped up with fuel, and rode back south about a click. TR onto Soi 6 and I was off.
    Road follows the Mae Chedi and Mae Sai until you are on top of the mountain. There is a hiking trail there - Doi Pha-Ngom - which climbs up to the Chedi atop the mountain. Further along to the Ban Huai Makliang Pang Khrai school, Ban Khun Pang school, and then follows Mae Pang to the 1001.
    Asphalt / concrete for a few KM's, then a few KM of construction, and balance was dirt all the way to the 1001.
    Was on the CRF with 17's. No issues as the road was dry, but in the bottom of some of the valleys it was a tad wet, but Banzai saved the day.
    Almost zero traffic except the local people on Honda Waves. Did see a few pickups on the eastern side of the mountains.
    Left Doi Saket 0800, short stops for breakfast and lunch which I packed with me, across the new bridge over the Mae Kuang, and home just after 1400.
    Jungle Love !!!
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    Fantastic isn't it. Close to home & so easy to do.

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