Cnx - MHS a quick one.

Jan 12, 2003
Cnx - MHS a quick one.
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Routes 107 & 1095.
Sat 14th December 2002.
A rush trip to MHS for Thai Adventure's 15 year party bash.

Got away from Chiang Mai at 2.00 PM & the traffic sucked. My original plan was to go to MHS via Mae Sarieng & route 108, however the traffic in town was so bad I figured I would lose 45 mins just getting from Chang Puak & home, on the north side of Chiang Mai, to Sanpatong 18 kms south of Cnx. And then, I'd have to ride into the sun for 200 kms going west to Mae Sarieng. So in the traffic in the middle of Cnx city I did a quick re-think & headed North.
It was a good move, & I got an excellent run all the way. Only the 1st 35 kms out to Mae Malai & the MHS turn off was congested. But once into the hills it was wonderful as usual, cutting through the light traffic and winding roads.
I was in a hurry to get to MHS for the party, & planned to ride non-stop. On the Africa Twin, with a full tank of fuel you get 350 kms, so MHS is quite ok at 240 kms via Pai, (or 350 kms via Mae Sarieng even.)

I got to Soppong at 4.38 PM, and had to take a quick break - breakfast. After a big late night out the night before, I was up late, slightly hung-over & skipped both brekky & lunch, so by 4.30 pm was a bit hungry & thirsty. Little Eden it was then for a quick snack. Back on the road at 5.07 PM, after the break I noticed that the road from Soppong - MHS actually seemed a lot smoother than Cnx - Pai, which seems a bit bumpy in places. I had not really picked up on this so much before, but it is obvious when you're riding straight thru, non-stop.
I got into MHS at 5.58 PM, well impressed with the ride time, plus fully invigorated & ready for Guy's Thai Adventure bash.

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