CNX- Nan- Hong Sa- LPB. Part 1

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  1. January 2010. Very good trip, many km no accident.

    Laos border side Meuang Ngeun.

    Guest house Hong Sa

    Hong Sa - LPB 5,5 hours 150 km.








    Down to the Mekong River


  2. Breakfast in LPB


    Louang Phra Bang



    Way to Vieng Thong


    Action with a very wild and fast pig....



    Guesthouse in Vieng Thong

  3. la1r.jpg




    Cold shower from "bad mama "




    Plane of Jars...

    A bombastic table...

  4. Part 4 Phonsawan - Xaisoboun
  5. The tempel in MOUANG KHOUN destroid in the Vietnam War


    The road to Tha Viang is now under construction - Vietnames Company



    Some to heavy...


    ...and some drive crazy.


    The bridge 2 years ago in Tha Viang


    And now change...


    Cold Town Xaysomboune early in the morning.


    Vang Vien


    Lao Submarine !!!



    Kasi district...

    And back to LPB...
  6. No problem we have more than 500 pictures.....from this trip videos also....
  7. Nice report and photos angkor1.

    By your report, you rode from Viang Leng to HWY 13 on the road that goes through Xaysombourne and Nam Gnome.
    Three friends and myself were prevented from using this road in November by the army.

    Did you have any problems at all?

    Thanks Moto-Rex
  8. It seems to be a great place to ride and to take wonderful pictures. I was impressed by both. I am considering my first motorcycle visit to the neighbouring country. What worries me, when I see your pictures are the bikes. You are all on off-road machines and it seems that the trails deserves it. I just sold my AX1 and wonder how safe I would be in this county on an ER6n, particularly alone (and I am not quite fanatic of long dirt tracks). Any suggestions about suitable itineraries? Thank you in advance to all bikers who got the experience already.
  9. Thank you :) ... I also went through the reports of David and it seems OK. Of course I do not mind some roads "under construction". We also find them here. But some tracks (and river crossings) seemed harsh in some reports, it is probably a question of itinerary and I will certainly not begin with the most adventurous, particularly as I am usually driving alone. It is great to be able to draw on information resources of GT riders. I will be doing some more home work :) and be happy for all hints.
  10. By your report, you rode from Viang Leng to HWY 13 on the road that goes through Xaysombourne and Nam Gnome.
    Three friends and myself were prevented from using this road in November by the army.
    Sorry Moto Rex I answer late because I was in NZ. Yes we started in Phongsawan - Vieng Leng - Xaysoumboune - Nam Gnome, Tha Heua Road 13. This was not my first trip in this aerea. Nearly 10 times we are there. Until last year we got some problems with the police in Xaysomboune. Last year the came late in the evening in our hotel and they take all passports from the group. A friend ( guide ) from Green Discovery was with us. We used paper by the law of Lao for travell around. In the morning we payed some money to the police and mooved to Vang Vien. Later the army stopped us again. It takes 30 minute, they check the paper nearly 30 minutes and we started again. This year when we arrived in Xaysoboune the police waiting for us. This time they had some question to us. They dont want the passport. They told us now this aerea is dangerous. They ask us where we have dinner. Most time we eat in a small restaurant on the local market place. So the police gave us order not longer then 9 pm to stay there. Ok, at 9.30 we are in the hotel and make a small party. Next morning on the way to Tha Heua we saw all villages at the road was burned down. When I arrived in the first big village I was confuse. Smoke everywhere and maybe 50 big trucks behind the village. Full with the equipment from the village people. Many people waiting there for transport too somewhere. Our Laofriend ask the people whats happen. They told him the goverment building a new dam and everybody have to moove. But they dont know where the stay in the future. It gave us not so a good feeling. 3 other village was the same. No pictures allowed because there are many soldiers and police too. I think this nice aerea is now vorewer closed. :cry: Sorry for my english .... :mrgreen: but I hope you undersatnd what I mean. :crazy:
  11. Well, this seems to be the flip side of the coin; witnesses similar stories in the Nakai plateau North of Glommarat (Khammouane province/east of Thakaek) when they started with the Nam Theun 2 water dam. Officially USD 2'000 were billed to the WorldBank for relocation; factually truck uplifted their meagre belongings and you do not want to go into the whereabouts of the pay out.

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