CNX to Fang and back and along the lovely R1346

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    Today the rain continues, the financial markets are in turmoil and our house is as finished as it ever will be, so what to do on yet another wet day? Trip reports on GTR of course. The problem is not much to report as house building has dramatically impacted riding hours for me over the past months. However a few weeks ago there was one really fun little ride, so might as well share it.
    The idea was not complected, a Triumph Classic/Harley ride overnight to Fang.
    We met at 10 am at the PTT/711 just out of CNX on the R1001 and to my surprise all sorts of folk and bikes turned up including three Triumph Classics - Bonneville, Thruxton and my trusty Scrambler. Two Harleys and broad range of other kit including Tim's exceptional 6n and Richard's recently acquired Ninja amongst others.


    The plan, if there was one, was to head off to Phrao, on to Doi Ang Khang and overnight in Fang but all dependent on what the weather did as we progressed. It was a dull overcast day at the start.
    Commander Pikey led the way with a sensible brisk pace and all was uneventful to Phrao, so much so that he decided we all needed a bit of culture, so on to a museum full of chickens, well cockerels actually. I am being careful in my narrative here!
    It was the location of King Rama V's royal camp site when he was battling the Burmese invaders as I understand.




    The on to Doi Ang Khang as the rain had held off.
    Going up the 1340 was freezing, wet with soggy dead leaves all over the road but no mishaps delayed us.
    Lunch at DAK where a whole tray of glasses ended up on the floor due a clever trick moving tables. Unfortunatly the Khao Soi was unusually miserable.

    Off to Fang down the twisties of the 1249 and straight into the Phu Manee Hotel which, for the first time in its existence, was overbooked. Some of us got a room and some didn't but then the rain really set in and so beer o'clock came early that day.
    After what I recall was in fact quite a few beers, the morning came with more rain. Some left for home early, others stayed a bit longer to wait it out and hoping for clearer skies.
    I elected to head off before most others as I wanted to meander down the 1346 to Phrao ....and what a lovely road it is. Good surface, sweeping smooth corners, hills and dales with scenery galore. I stopped a lot for photos and to chat with the locals who mostly complained about so much rain. Cant imagine what they are saying now!
    Some of the pix from along that road....








    Nothing here anyone who rides around these parts hasn't seen before but a very lovely little 50 kms or so. A larger group from our ride came the same way later in the day but I am sure at a somewhat quicker pace.
    Thanks to all for good company and plenty of laughs and fun to compare the three Truimphs as we went along. Just goes to show that you can still get good rides in during the rainy season:thumbup:.

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