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  1. Hi guys,

    Airfares booked and paid for,arriving in Thailand end of July,flying back end of August.
    Intention is to look around Chiang Mai for a place to rent/buy,and to get a bit of dental work done.
    Well that's what I told the wife.

    How is the weather in North Thailand/Laos in August?
    Would love to get some more riding done in appointments.
    Any preference with dentists,Bkk or Chiang Mai?
    Anyone selling their bike with Green Book?
    If I buy a new bike how long before the green book is issued in my name?
    Be a shame to buy a bike but not be able to take it into Laos because the bike isn't in my name.

    Bit keen to see if they finished building that "rocket" mentioned in my Laos trip report......

  2. Hi Poompui, Have a great time, a good dentist in BKK is (BIDC) it is close to Ratchadapisek MRT:
    Bangkok International Dentist Centre Ratchadaphisek Rd., Din Daeng
    Din Daeng, Bangkok, 10400, THA
    N13 46 22.6 E100 34 23.3
  3. I've been going to Grace Dental here in CM for many years. Except for once I have only been seeing one dentist there (not my choice, but she's the one who has been assigned to me whenever I've gone there). Some years ago I had her work checked by a dentist in the west who does not usually mince his words (to the extent of writing letters to other dentists documenting their shoddy work. My father got a full refund from the other dentist as a consequence). He said it was "quite good", so that's where I'll keep going even though I have read elsewhere people complaining Grace is too expensive compared to other quality clinics.
  4. The guy I've used
    Dr Kongkiet
    Kongkiet Dental Clinic. 277 Changmoi Road.
    Tel 053235479.


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