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  1. Will be travelling for the first time to Chiang Mia bike week from BKK probably on the Friday. Is there a preferred route? Other than following route 1. 11 looks as if it might be OK but it is still probably full of trucks. I figure we will try to maintain 120-140 where possible.

  2. The BMW boyz from BKK will be riding this route:
    04/12 BKK to Mae Sod , TAK Province ( Close to Myanma border) HW. 1>105
    05/12 Mae Sod to Mae-Hong-Son ...HW.105>108
    06/12 Mae Hong Son to Pai ...........HW.1095
    07/12 Pai to Chiang Mai City for CMBW......HW.1095>107
    I will be joining them on 5/12 riding from Chiangmai to Mae Sariang and then follow the group back.

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  3. Mike
    Route 1's the main road up.
    Some juicy alternatives you could use are
    ROUTE 106: Thoen - Li - Lamphun - Chiang Mai. At the south Thoen - Li end, its pretty damn good. There's an awesome 30 kms twisty bit thru the mountains that will exhilarate you (if there are not too many coal trucks.)
    ROUTE 101: from the Uttaradit turn off - Den Chai is brilliant fast flowing sport bike stuff.
    ROUTE 11: from Uttaradit - Den Chai - Lampang is also fast flowing sport bike stuff, but it can be a bit busy with traffic at times.
    Then you've got route 1, divided 4-lane dual carriageway, great for a blast all the way, especially once you hit the rolling hills & mountains north of Thoen.
    ROUTE 105: Tak – Mae Sot is a brilliant fast flowing sport bike road. Just watch out for oil & “rippled asphalt" from the heavy trucks using the road.
    ROUTE 105: Mae Sot – Mae Sarieng info, is already on the message board at
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    ROUTE 108: Mae Sarieng - Chiang Mai is great. I was out there last week & it still really flows, fast into & thru all the corners. Rolling on & off the throttle in 4th gear is tops. Some bits of the road are quite bumpy towards the Mae Sarieng end, but otherwise the road really lets rip thru the mountains. Enjoy it.

    Just remember wherever you go that weekend; it should be busy with traffic.
    To exactly what degree will relate to what "level of busy" you are used to.
    In places there will be lines of traffic, and the worst drivers to watch out for are loaded up diesel engine pick-up drivers, plus morons in their new 4WDs, pretending to be the king of the road attempting to force their way out & go anywhere anytime, just because he has a big 4WD!

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  4. Mike
    Just back, today Thurs 13th Nov, from the Mae Sot loop & can highly recommend route 105 Mae Sot - Ban Tha Song Yang, along the Burma border. Its awesome right now -wonderful smooth, fast flowing, rolling.......
    Ban Tha Song Yang - Mae Sareing is the "old road" tight narrow, hilly, winding & a bit bumpy in places, but otherwise it's a bit alright too.
    So I'd definitely recommend this (longer) route Tak - Mae Sot - Mae Sarieng, to Chiang Mai. You'll need to spend a night en route & your choices should be either Mae Sot or Mae Sareing. Mae Sot's better than Mae Sarieng.

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