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Discussion in 'New Members' started by mtbe, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hey!

    Great site you have here.

    I'm a complete newbie. Got my license about 5 years ago, but then started traveling for work and never got around to buying a bike or riding.

    Looking forward to a trip soon to Chaing Mai and hope you can help!

  2. Welcome! Suggest you rent a 250 Honda or similar. Read elsewhere you are travelling two up with wife. Should be quite adequate for your needs I think. Kawasaki 250 I'm told is not comfortable for two up travel. Hope you enjoy Thailand!
  3. When you are traveling while drive bike availability. If you go to Tony's Big Bikes, you will be able to get a 400cc Honda Cruiser.

    Otherwise (at other shops) an older 250cc Honda or Yamaha dirt bike, or newer Kawasaki Dirt bike. Probably not ideal for two westerners, especially Burger King eating 'mericans :hide: :).

    Next up are the new Kawasaki 650s. They are 'Learner Legal' in Australia, with just a governer on the throttle. So not quite as daunting as you might think.

    Or get two Scooters and your wife drive herself.

  4. Ya...just rented a 250 in Chicago and drove the wife around for about 2 hours. I can see that getting uncomfortable for a day trip, especially with a pack. Will prob look for a 400 then.

    No BK for us 'mericans'! ;)

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