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  1. Its alarming to read such reports having just travelled through the charms of this country & marvelled at its exceptional beauty.

    Given the size of Vietnam's population, the current level of understanding of its people of these issues & the relentless pace of 'development', the time is now both for those who wish to see Vietnam at its best & for those who wish to see Vietnam retain its best.
  2. Have to second Rod on this one. Vietnam is crowded, poor and has not been able to uniformly apply 'governance' or 'planning' in a way to protect some of the charms of the place. If you want to see it while it is 'different' than places like Thailand and Malaysia now is the time. On the other hand, compared against the poverty and desperation of the past, you can't fault them for pursuing development. Hard to appreciate the beauty when you are hungry.
  3. I'm much pleased to see you, Rogdog, joining the forum with such vigour.
    Selfishly I've been hoping that someone would emerge ready to post trip reports on this most wonderful country to tour. Keep it comin'.
    Great to see VietHorse too back posting on such great rides!
  4. Rogdog - these are fabulous posts, absolute rippers. Recognise so much of the terrain covered, can identify with the conditions encountered &, well, (as someone often ill-prepared/equipped) admire the kit you take.........& what a small world to find you staying at The Empress in Da Lat - great spot (see: ).
    I cant wait to be reading more from Oz once you're posting here.
    Which are you in the photos by the way?
  5. When we were on the way to the Perfume Pagoda, my friend and I commented how it was too bad they were literally strip mining away the mountain sides everywhere we looked basically ruining the landscape and natural beauty of the place. Our guide who was fairly well educated and spoke great English replied "Its no problem, we have so many other mountains". Like most things, they will not be missed until they are gone.

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