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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by gazza, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. i have seen a 250cc which i fancy buying ,,but? its imported no book ,,if i buy it and want to make it legal and get book and plate ?
    1/ how do i know if import papers are genuine? anyone got examples
    2/do i need the import lisence form original importer or shop ?
    3/ is it possible to make it legal ?
    4/ or leave well alone ?
    5/ anyone know of bike importers that do it properly and legal cant trust anything out here ?
  2. For what its worth...go to Kawasaki and buy any of their 3 250's....
    KLX, D-tracker and ninja...starting from 149,000 B fully legal...
    .don't go through the hassle of imports...its not worth it !
  3. Even if you get the bike for free its not worth the hassel,totaly agree go to kawasaki get one in aprox 20-30 minutes you will be out the door with a fully legal bike,the plates will be sent to you but in the meantime you get a proof of reg from the dealer,just drive away and be happy

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