Construction of 3rd Lao-Thai Bridge to Begin Next Month

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  1. Comment: Here comes another no-entry for motorbikes into Laos. The shutters are going up!
  2. Last week on my way to Vientiane from the south of Laos had a quick look at the 3rd Lao-Thai bridge. Things seem to be moving quite fast as can be seen in these 2 pics.

    Looking to the Thai side from Rd 13.


    and looking southwest from the new Veunkham ferry crossing which has never been used. New customs and immigration building have been built but which apparently are now being used for other purposes as I saw quite a few scantily clad young ladies roaming around the buildings.

  3. The new Thailand-Laos bridge that will cross the river from Nakhon Phanom to Thakek.

    Photo taken from the Thai side, july 2010.


  4. Can I expect to be able to cross with a bike in October 2011? I guess I will give it a try and use Bun Kan/Pakxan if this fails.

    Is there reliable visa on arrival at both crossings? can I purchase the required insurance at either crossing?

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