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  1. Thought it might be easier to track the trial, with a different thread

    Ok got mine today gave it it's first try between 1300 & 1500. It works seems to keep core body temp down. I had the Joe Rocket jacket over it. It felt a little damp but not uncomfortable. Heat index over 100F barely broke a sweat that is very unusual for me. I was in direct sunlight at slow speeds around town

    My guess is each time you fuel up or take break it would be a good idea to soak it down again. Comes with a zip lock bag so any water house will let you recharge it. I messed up first time I wa supposed to soak it for 30 mins, I may have done it for five. Aftre the first soaking on the ride five minutes recharges it. Pesky durections anyway. :lol:

    Makes a huge difference. Everywhere except my chest and back were hot as can be. Thy also make a doo rag I think it would be worth investing in both.

    This doesn't mean that you will be like in aircon but it does make it bearable

    More reports to follow as I use it.

    Cost with shipping was 130 Dollars 1100 baht import tax.

    So far not sorry I spent the money, I think we got real hot one coming this year.
  2. Took the cool vest out agian today, this time I followed the directions worked fine. I wore a long sleve cotton shirt under it. It got a bit damp but in all honesty I think it helped the cooling efffect and didn't bother me one bit I've been told I can put patches on it by the manufactor so it's off for patches this evening.
  3. Hi Ray!
    Congratulations on your new kit! The concept seems mighty appealing to me, what with the 90++ temperatures in this country!
    In my experience the Post Office is the most capable when it comes to clearing customs quickly and without red tape / duties&taxes. Thru whom and how quickly did you get your vest?

    It's not perfect, it may casue some dampness to the clothing you wear under it, but the truth is it just adds to the cooling effect.

    My experience thus far is is it keeps yuor core body temp down. I don't regret buying it at all.

    Teh cost of the ves adn shipping was $130.00 as I recall it was in Udon in then days. I had to pay 1100 baht import fee. My only regret is I didn't buy the cooling kull cap at the same time to wear it under the helemt it's really easy to use. So if you choose to venture forth in this do me a favor add an extra cooling skull cap to it and I will pay for it. :lol:

    Anyone who saw me in Khon Kean know this was no little thing to me. I was dripping with sweat as soon as I stepped out of the hotel. Three showers a day.

    I have to say if the heat effects you as it does me I do recommend it
  5. Rain ew clould use a bit of that send it. That will come eventually always works that way when the heat gets so miserable the rain comes and your happy to see it. Once the oil is washed off the road not hard to ride in at all. You do get a bi dirty but a good shower takes care of that.

    In the man time real happy wiht my vest LOL

    Can't get down ther now that's for next year back to Thai classes tomorrow.

    Only real plan I have now is Rio Et, I really like that little town so I'm not missing that one.

    Not a little as I remembered shows a lotus now an one other can't remember which one at the moment. Places like that ar Thailand it it's best.
  6. Nice litle Issan Town this going to be invaded by bikers should be fun
  7. Can't really figure out what you are asking/pointing out but are you looking for a hotel associated with a Lotus. Maybe try the Buatong hotel close to the lake in town.

    Bua Thong Hotel, RATTHAKIT KHLAI KHLA RD., NAI MUEANG, Mueang Roi Et, ROI ET 45000, 0-4351-1142
  8. Thanks Auke but I knew all along where I was staying, the Mai Tai. The other wa just so other riders could have information. The Lotus thats just me trying to learn to use a GPS for the first time.

    Sometimes you simply have to ignore my insanity :lol:

    By the way the cool vest works :lol: :lol: :lol:

    A guy has volunteered to brng me the cap from the states. The onething that makes thi forum stand out from all other, is bikers help bikers. I'm very grateful for that.
  9. Udon Temps today

    High: 97°F
    RealFeel®: 107°F
    Sunrise: 6:23 AM

    Well I have I used it for several weeks now. It really helps especially when your moving. It does feel a bit damp. But in all honesty that seems to help in the cooling.

    I guess the best way to describe is like when you have hit some rain and you get the cooling effect of wet clothing but not that wet.

    They have cap and do rags avialable I know it works so I have ordered that as well.

    People who are interested I would try to sit up a group buy and get the costs down
  10. 3-11-2009

    So far so good tomorrow looks like a real workout for it

    High: 104°F
    RealFeel®: 112°F
    Sunrise: 6:1
  11. Hi Ray!

    I followed your advice and ordered a vest of my own a few days ago. [Aren't you amazed at how much I trust your judgment?? :lol: ]

    I, too, ordered some doo rags, skull caps and neck "warmers", just so I can check how well these items work. Eagle Outfitters says the cooling doo rags aren't suitable for snug-fitting helmets though...

    I will share my experience once I get my goodies. Can't wait... :p
  12. In a word Yes.
  13. Beat my experince ha been you have to play wiht it a bi to find the righ combinaion fo you and how you will be using it that day. short ride three to five minute of running water on it is enough. Long day you may want to really saturate it, but you are going to get damp at first.

    Cotton tee shirt under it and the safey coat over the top seems to work best for me.

    Your going to get damp for a while till you find what works best for you. The damp only help the cooling effect.
  14. Another tip is to soak the vest in a bucket or sink but keep the bottom 3 or 4 inches out of the water. The excess in the vest is then absorbed by the dry strip when the jacket is worn and prevents the water dripping thru to your jeans.
  15. I will try that one Barry for long rides short stuf I just run it inder he faucet. I try to do it early on and le hang for bit first. But that sounds like a good method for rides, certainly worth a try.

    Takes some time to figure it ou but it's worth it. Truth is I;m going to wet from sweat or this I prefer the vest wet hats cool :lol:
  16. Yes Ray, its quite effective as my only compalint initially was riding with damp backside as it can get uncomfortable over time. This seems to resolve it. Safe riding!
  17. I got too wet at first as well. Just got to play with it a bit and find the right combination.
  18. Today I received my new vest (plus a bunch of do-rags, a helmet cap and a neck cooler that I ordered while I was at it). My gamble with the Post Office did not pan out, as I ended up paying about 1,100 baht in duties/taxes anyway. Oh well!
    I soaked my stuff and am wearing the vest now. I'm beginning to appreciate your comments about needing time to get it just right. I think it's too wet right now. What's more, it's raining and thus not too warm at this time of the day, so I don't get the full cooling effect. I can tell that there is a significant difference, though :)

    Cool stuff, literally!! 8)
  19. Ya it takes time try just three mins running water not the bag :lol: ring it out and them let it hang fo 30 min see if that helps. When it really really gets hot in bag for fice mins same thing.

    If it does turn out not to be enough any garden hose or fuacet at a gas station will do the same thing. Trust me when the real heat hit a lile ma damp is going to feel real good,

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    forgot if you want to wear patches won't hurt it.

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