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  1. Has anyone seen those evaporative vests on sale in Thailand? The ones one soaks in water before using.


    Appologies if this is a repeat of an old thread.
  2. Evaporative vests would be a waste of time for riding as they would last 1 to 3 hours (depending on ambient temp) and are wet.

    A better vest would be those that have change technology (ie freeze then turn to liquid) that last longer, are dry, don't cause cardio-vascular constriction (operate at 15 degrees or slightly higher) and can have spare cool packs stored dry in a wine cooler etc.

    The change tech ones are dearer but far better.
  3. I used to soak my t-shirts under my perforated leathers for a cooling effect. Works well for about 20-30 minutes then diminishing returns, as noted by Brat. The poor mans version of the evaporative vest.

    Per your question, no I have not seen them for sale over here.

    When I raced cars we had "Cool shirts" that pumped ice water around a vest under your driving suit. These worked quite well in 147 degree driver compartment. Carrying the required cooler, pump, and fluids inside a race car is no problem. On the back of a bike, not ideal.

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