Cops on superbikes

Oct 17, 2006
Police superbikes

I am in UK at the moment riding around on my Monster 750 but have to Watch out in sussex and surrey the cops have 3 men out on the roads on a GSXR1000 , Yamaha R1 and a fireblade 1000 the bikes are standard apart from the dayglo yellow paint, the rider is wearing a white fullface and black leathers with a dayglo jacket with police on the back, no blue lights or other gear these guys are fast and skilled they have a standard cop motorola radio in their jacket with a throat mike and headphones in the helmet,

Saw the Fireblade in worthing on friday and the GSXR nnear Dorking on saturday,spoke to one off the cops at a fuel stop he said he was having a hoot of atime riding the GSXR instead of the usual 2 ton Honda Pan 1300 with all the crap they put on them. The forces helicopter can only do 175mph he can do 185mph .

Apr 10, 2006
Reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to ride our motocross bikes in a field off the River Lee. The filth used to come down every so often cos of complaints about the noise but could never catch anyone so they sent down what was promoted in the local newspaper as a crack force of trials/scrambles riders on state on state of the art machines which in reality was a few fat coppers on old twin shock DR400's. We had some great laughs with those guys, had an 85 CR80 back then and it made mincemeat of them. They did actually catch 1 friend of mine on his TSX50 but this was due to the copper falling off in mud and taking the TSX and rider with him.