Costs for crossing the boarder vietnam/laos

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  1. timster

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    hello everybody

    i know there are 1000s threads about border crossing, but i couldn't find anything about the costs.

    i am planning to bike around laos and vietnam. i figured that the easiest way is to buy a bike in vietnam go to laos and come back to vietnam to sell the bike.

    can anyone tell me how much it would cost to get the paperwork done for the boarder crossing and how long it would take to get it.

    thank you very much!
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Last time I crossed into Laos at Houei Xai from Chiang Khong, Thailand, it cost me 200 baht on the Laos side,
    The fees in Laos are minimal & not worth worrying about.
    Thailand costs nothing, I think.
  4. asaccoccio

    asaccoccio New Member

    Hey mate, we recently crossed from Vietnam to Laos in Nameo and it costed us 20 $ at the Vietnam side. Laos didn't charge us anything. I guess it changes from case to case as it is an un -official tax I guess. No receipt was given to us for that money.

    Good luck!
  5. vngunfighter

    vngunfighter Member

    I am planning on doing the same thing right now. Going to southern Laos via. Cambodia, up the mekong and making a loop back into VN via. DaNang and back to HCMC. Been reading a lot a well, and that Cambodia issues VoA. But did some reading found that Laos does issue a VoA where I want to come in from. Still doing research though, but getting mixed info. Will advise if find anything new.
  6. chrisynok

    chrisynok Ol'Timer

    During my time in Vietnam I have meet many people who have crossed borders by motorbike to and from Vietnam. Sometimes for the border guards to let you through it’s a question of luck or money. Remember as well, there are to borders you have to go through leaving one country and entering another. Where there’s a will there’s a way sometimes you have to try different borders or perhaps wait to the next day until there are different guards on duty. Once out of Vietnam I’m aware that it’s easy sailing to go through Laos Cambodia and Thailand. Vietnam is the big pain in the backside. I’m also aware a lot of countries can stamp the bike on your passport insuring you leave the country with the bike or you will accrue a fine. I’m also aware getting a bike registered in from a neighboring country is more difficult than getting a Vietnamese registered bike out. Sorry I can’t give you specific information it’s just very touch and go with the whole border crossings with regards to Vietnam. For years we used to have a connection at border crossing point where you just had to pay $20 to the Vietnamese guards. The Laos guards would just let you through however recently I had a customer who paid the Vietnamese to go through and then the Laos guards refused the motorbike into the country. I later spoke with him and he got through at a different border.

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