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  1. Has anyone had a bike crated up for shipment? A friend on mine wishes to ship his bike to Dubai.

    "can anyone help me I'm trying to ship my bike from Thailand to Dubai
    when i call freight companies they ask me about dimensions the size
    of the crate I tell them **** knows, I thought they would supply these
    things all I can tell them is the weight and what it is"
  2. Mike check the thread from Peter Hooper, he crated up his Phantom and shipped it to OZ (Australia), has pictures as well
  3. This link should get you there to Peter's article ... ,mail,Bike
  4. Cheers TJ, I'll email the link to my friend. Appologies for not searching. That was lazy of me. I spend what seems like a long time surfing for stuff for others but when it came to me somehow i just missed it.
  5. No worries Mike, I only remembered Peter's article as I was also intetrested in shipping my Phantom to OZ, but I think it all costs a bit too much so will buy a cheapie next time I am back there to keep in my garage
  6. Mike I got the pallets from a photocopy shop who shipped paper in on them. They were pretty cheap and good quality. I got 2 and cut one up for timber and had to buy a few long lengths for strength.
    I quite enjoyed the building project.
    Cheers, Peter
  7. Mike.

    I have packed and shipped tens of bikes from different places all over the world.

    First try to get motorbike shipment box from a local dealer. All big bike dealers who get new motorbikes get them in very good boxes which can be easily reassembled. Unfortunally these boxes are not very meassurement economical. The overall meassurement are quite big and you end up paying for volume.

    Check up first what the freight rate is. Normally the rate is per kilo and one kubic is the same as 156 kilo (I remember but check it up) That will mean that they charge for 156 kilo even if your 1 kubic meter only weights 100 kilo. Therefore you must aim to get the size of your bike down and most bike can be packed down to 1-1,5 kubik.

    Another thing you must check up is if your bike crate must stand more goods on top because then you have to make a real box.

    The dismantling of the bike is quite easy. Take of the frontwheel and front fender. Then empty the air from the rear wheel. Then put two solid wood pieces approx 2 meter long along the bike.Behind you lock the bike to the wood by two long bolts that tighten up the rear wheel alu to the wood.

    Then you carve out of the wood in the front space for the front axle. You will need a smaller piece of wood that you connect to the main wood. Efter that is done put back the front axle and drop the front of the bike in its right place in the wood and secure the axle for example with hose clamps. Then put some air in the rear tyre to tighten up the package.

    Then you start to dismantle eveything that adds meassurement to the package. Normally the handlebar must go. Maybe it is enough to make the handlebar loose and then leaving the cables and everything maybe can be taped to the front fork. Normally the rear fender goes off with the rear light and can be put resting on the tyre. To get the rear down take away the bolt to the rear schock and the whole rear drops down nicely. If you need to drop the front more then you have to take off your front fork caps and take away the springs. Whatever you do on your bike to keep down the overall dimensions helps you to only pay for real kilos.

    In order to keep down the real kilos you must take away the oil and gasoline. Try to air the gasoline tank for a while. The battery must be secured according to the latest IATA rules which means that the cable must be taken loose and taped securily. Anyhow if new batteries are available at the final destination take away the battery and save kilos and the risk that they danger uppclass your shipment.Then go over your bike and seccure everything with tape. Then the bike is ready to be packed by plastic or/and paper. This package should be accepted by the shipper if no more goods is put on the top. If they demand that you must build a real box around your crate but it is not very difficult but adds the weight. And remember to use approved wood or you have to make a bug killing smoking of your box.

    Precheck also what the maximum overall meassures are so your creation is not to big for the loading haul in the aeroplane ( this is only a problem on planes between Timor and Darwin and such short routes)

    That is all what I remember but pls ask questions if your friend need more help
  8. This from Schenker,

    Too easy?

    Dear Mike,

    We can arrange the packing and shipping of the used motorbike for your friend

    He will need to bring the motorbike to our warehouse in Rama IV Road, Bangkok ( located just across the road from our Sirinrat Building office)

    If the motorbike is registered in Bangkok, we can cancel the registration for him. If it is registered outside Bangkok, he will need to do this himself

    He also needs to bring the blue registration book and a signed copy of his passport to our warehouse with the bike

    Our charges are as follows:

    a) Origin charges including documentation ,handling, export customs clearance etc Baht 7,000
    b) Packing and crating Baht 3,000 per cbm
    c) Seafreight charges from Bangkok to Dubai port including local charges in Bangkok = Baht 2,550 per cbm
    All charges are plus Thai VAT of 7%

    These exclude all shipping line and port charges in Dubai and expenses for customs clearance and delivery

    >From the dims you have supplied, gross volume of the wooden crate will be about 2.5 cbms which is about right for a large motorbike We do not have standard sized crates as we make each one individually to fit the motorbike ( or anything else we pack)

    This gives you an idea of what is involved. If you would like a formal quotation, we will be pleased to supply this.
  9. That is easy and I think a very good offer and hassle free from Schenker. The deregistration is correct and the seafreight is ok. They will probably pack the bike complete because they assume the volume to 2.5 cbms which is terrible much but since saefreight is very cheap you maybe dont mind. Good luck and be prepared to some hefty unloading, terminal, etc cost in Dubai. Normally the cheap volume based seafreight is "eaten up" by high port costs.


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