Crazy affroad treck in Laos


Jun 20, 2005
Hi ,i travelled in Laos in August by my Yamaha TTR 250.
On the way back to Thialand,i stopped in vientiene,for fixing my bike,and found very goof mechanic Mister Fuak.
His addres is:
Vientien,T2 road,Ban Nakham.
If you have any problem you can just call him and he will come and show you the way or maybe fix bike on plase.
Anyway after fixing he invited me to restorunt with his friends,and after few whiskys,and beer they invited me for offroad treck with them,for one day.
I said fine why not ,it should be fun,nice treck .
Next day we met,and i realized that those guys sirious riders,we went to offroad ,few km from vientiene,nit so hard but they were speeding for 85-90 km per hour ,with sharp curves,stones,and hard rain.
We finished first part take brake, and guys told me that now it is a really treck,and the person who come last pay for abeer for everyone.
It got realy mad ,we want on mountain,with 90-95 km per hour.
I am not so expiriensed offroad driver so i was last,when suddenly on one of the curves ,i heard scream and saw one of the guys lying on the rocks,with crashed motorbike.
He was overspeeding and didnt tkae the curve.His shoulder went off,so i stoped a treck on road put this guy and motorbike on the track,and we continued with an offroad,it was really hard,briges of bamboo,mud water.
I finished this treck while other guys,where waiting for me.
I was realy glad that i survived.They did 90 km for 1 hour,and i for1.5 hour.
The guy that crashed did it also for the first time,so i felt like agood rider.
So if you are good,expiriensed riders,you should go with this guys,you will have fun,and if you not shure about your skills(as i am) just dont do it it is too crazy.
Usually those guys make trecks on weekends.
So take care and safe ride.
Nov 14, 2004
Alen you crasy offroad rider you!!!You sounded like you had a hoot with the loas guys, how many beers did you buy?
Thats half the fun gett'n down with the locals, I've saved the address of Mr Faaak, I'm planing a trip to Loas.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Yeah there's no doubt that Fuarks & the boys know how / where to ride off road, as well as fix bikes in Laos.
They normally go riding every Sunday & usually take off from PVO. I can well imagine that the last one in gets to pay for the beers, as more than likely the local superior road knowledge will ensure that the locals aren't the last one home to pay the beer bill. Nice little number eh?

Fuarks full details are
Fuark Motocross Service.
T2 Road
Ban Nakham
Tel (856) 021 - 261970 & 213319. Mobile 020 5521661. (Little English spoken = good luck, when you ring.)
Note country code = 856 & area code for Vientiane = 021.
Fuark's shop is on T2 road, between the Shell petrol station & the Northern Bus station on the way towards the airport.
He's previously cracked a mention on this board under
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Dec 19, 2005
We found Fuarks details here and went to him to sort out some minor issues with our Minsk: 2 spokes in the rear wheel were broken and there was some play in the headset (guess I flared the head tube after hitting a rock in a river crossing)

The guy is fantastic! He's the only one in Laos sofar that had the right sized spokes (we've been asking every single mechanic from luang nam tha onwards) and even installed them free of charge. The head tube issue is ironed out (I assume they used the good old trick with shims of a beer can)

Anyway, thanks to Fuark and a great many thanks to this forum!