CRF 250L Hinged Gear Brake Foot Levers

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  1. Thanks Gary, I appreciate it, met your wife and she was really helpful thank you both.

    ps I went to the MX shop to get a rack (1800 thb for the rack, seems to have gone up 300THB but what the hell). I asked then to fit the rack and the levers for me and they said they didn,t carry tool for these jobs?? funny that as I was watching the chap strip a complete motor bike the other day. Anyway, He referred me to a small thai bike repair shop over the road and I think I have just met the worlds best Bodge it and scarper firm ever. Started out by the chap using the wrong size allan key on the seat retention bolts and after about 10 minutes of watching the chap round the allen bolts though gritted teeth I pointed out that he was actually trying to tighten them instead of undo them. He then tried to force the rack on scuffing the seat and scratching the plastic. Another chap joined in and started to undo the brake lever and as he couldn't get a simple split pin out he dismantled the whole thing and even then couldn't work out that his bloody great pliers where too big to retract the pin, a simple pair of needle noses would have had the job done in seconds, anyway he ripped it out in the end with frustration and low and behold didn't have any pin to replace it and so I have nothing holding my brake lever on now, went round the other side and the other chappy had made a pigs ear of the gear lever bolt with yet again the wrong size spanner! I thinking maybe I ought to get a tool kit now! lol....Mai pen Rai, Nid noi!

    pps. Had a great breakfast at your place, highly recommended!
  2. Thanks Stoni , not unusual in Thailand for a small nothing job to turn into a major catastrophe. That is the main reason why many choose to D.I.Y. Hope to meet u one day soon

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