Crf250 l compared to Crf 250 me

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Tpo25, Dec 25, 2013.

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    What is the difference ?
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    If you google each, you will first see the color differences. For the 2014 CRF250M, you can choose the all black version (I have not seen yet in showrooms) or the red and black version. The CRF250L is red and white, with some other colors spattered about. The motard has 17 inch wheels front and back compared to the CRF250L has 21 inch in front and 18 inch in back. Likewise, the motard has street tires and the dualsport has obviously dualsport tires. The front brake rotor on the motard is bigger than the dualsport. The shock and forksprings are a bit stiffer for the motard. The gearbox has slightly taller gears for the motard. The sprockets (front and rear) on the motard are larger/smaller. respectively for faster road riding. The smaller wheels on the motard make the seat height about 1.5 inches lower than the dualsport.

    As far as I know those are the major differences. The motard tires are VERY slippery in mud!!! It is a lot of fun to ride and can be essentially converted to a dualsport easily with a separate set of wheels/tires. The street tires are OK on dirt and gravel roads but do not grip like off-road tires, so care is definitely needed.

    There are numerous upgrades and mods available to help either version match you and your riding style and preferences.

    Hope this info helps a bit/



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