CRF250L/M service interval

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  1. I have raised this previously elsewhere and not had a satisfactory conclusion. My 2015 M has a service interval stated in the Thai service book of 6000km where as European manual has it as 12000km - double. This discrepancy is magnified in that on next page of Thai service book where the service is recorded it is 4000km - a third! Going back to the 1970's they used to decrease service intervals of cars exported to hot and dusty countries but this was when oil was much poorer and by dusty it was Africa etc which is not the same as here. I have three fairly cynical theories but any input?
  2. Hi John, I change my oil and oil filter approximately every 3,500 km, cheap insurance !!
  3. Hey your crazy change the oil no longer than 1500 km and keep in mind your in Asia. Use only brands such as CASTROL and the 10/30 POWER 1 standard is great oil

    Clean the air filter based on your riding dirt road etc... But every 2000 k road work ok. Keep the chain lubed and adjusted

    And the rest valve checks Honda. The rest a small shop cheap and easy

    And ride it hard son. And fit that EJK

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