CRM 250 AR, anyone familiar with this bike?


Oct 29, 2009
I've just bought a CRM 250 AR. The bike is very straight, all original stickers and 4,111kms on the clock which I believe to be genuine. Got it off a German guy, who had it for only 6 months or so, previous owner was a Thai.

I was wondering how hard these bikes are to work on. My Thai mechanic is good, honest and not to pricy, so I would like to use him. The only concern is that he might not familiar with the AR engine, apparently it's fairly complicated for a 2 stroke?

Is there anything worth checking on the bike to identify problems before they become major? Thanx.


Aug 7, 2003
There are quite a few CRM's in Cambodia. The main problem they seem to have is a sticky power valve. As far as I understand it is a electronically driven servo valve and can can be rather expensive to obtain, if the valve is not working properly your engine power is down. Only other problems I have heard is rings and pistons , available after market. Good luck with the bike the power band is awesome. :crazy: :crazy: