Crossing Bangkok


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Jul 5, 2013
I am seeking information on any secrets on how to best cross through Bangkok.

1. I live in Pattaya and if I want to go south to Hua Hin and beyond, What is the best way? The best way is the motorway but....

2. Starting in Pattaya to go North to Hwy 1 to Chiang Mai and all points NE?

There just does not seem to be a good way to go and my last trip across Bangkok took several hours (low Traffic) even with my Garmin.

All I can do now is suck it up and go, and I will but, thought there might be a better way.

PS... A police escort on the motorway only cost 2000 baht. It was a good deal after a long ride home from esan and central flood zones. Ha Ha


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Jul 17, 2007
Part 1 isn't too difficult.
Once you get to the BangNa-Trat-Sukhumvit intersection, turn left towards Samut Prakan. After about 3-4 klm turn right onto Pu Chao Saming Road. Continue down until you see the huge Industrial Ring Road Bhumipol bridge. Bikes aren't really allowed on here but there're no police or toll booths. Turn left onto the bridge and take the turn off left to Suksawat. Once at the bottom there're 2 edits, Prapadang and Dao Khanong. Take the Dao Khanong exit and you come out onto Suksawat Rd. Carry on about 3 klms and turn left onto Rama II then all the way to Hua Hun. Again bikes are supposed to stay on the frontage Rd while in Bangkok but ignore that and use the highway.