crossing into Laos with owned motorbike

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  1. Does anybody have up to date information about riding my own motorbike being a.CBR250 from Chang Mai to Luang Prabang to Vientiane where I hope to get my Cambodian girlfriend a dual entry tourist visa. She will be a passenger and is on a single 60 day now.

    Could we come by way of Myanmar?
  2. I think Laos is quite straight forward in letting your motorcycle in and out.
    I've entered Laos several times and customs are friendly.
    Just go and fill up the form. Pay for insurance then you are in good shape.
  3. Good info from Viethorse... May be obvious... but Green Book also..
    Tax / Road registration paid up.

    Myanmar is a no go unless on an organised trip.

  4. There is a fee, called "Inbound Fee", 25,000KIP, and they have all the receipt for you.
    It says "for Saloon, Jeep, Pick-up" on the receipt, but that's what I got for my motorcycle.
  5. Thanks to all for your replies. VietHorse - you took me by surprise with insurance. Is this like the mandatory part of motorbike insurance in Thailand. In Cambodia, I know bike insurance is invalid unless you are riding with an acceptable International Drivers Licence. My Thai and/or Canadian was not acceptable there.

    How much and where do you go to get it?
  6. Hey sorry about that. I was putting the correct one at the post #4 and forgot to edit from the post #2. Just the Inbound Fee.
    Add info: I heard the locals said that the Police there doesn't like big cc bikes. As max police bike is just 400cc.
  7. Thanks for clarifying VietHorse. And with me and my travel bags loaded on my CBR250 the police do not have to worry about catching me on their 400cc!!
  8. Slightly off topic, but Pop in Chaing Mai will now allow his bikes into Laos. He will give you necessary paperwork to take his bikes in.
  9. All bikes or only his 'dirt bikes'??? i.e. Versys and CBs OK?
  10. I said the Honda 250 dirt bike would be a good choice, he said, no, take the V Strom, much better.
  11. that's pretty sweet.

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