Crossing the friendship bridge from Mukdahan to Savannakhet and back


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May 11, 2012
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was in Savannakhet/Laos last week on my bike.
To cross the friendship bridge was a bit difficult, because not allowed for motorbikes.
My bike is in Thailand on temporary import with german plate.
Overstay was just 2 months so the fine was 2000THB (like usual :shh:) and no problem.
But to cross the bridge, riding the bike?
The officers asked me to hire a trailer or truck for the short distance across the bridge.
Would be just 1000 THB...
But there was no trailer (?) and no pickup around, the only offer I got was to load my bike in a minivan
without seats. For the pocketmoney of 1500 baht...
So I went back to the officers and told them to write a new importform and I would stay in Thailand, boring the stupid game.
After another 10 minutes smalltalk, they told me to leave through the gate for trucks and cross the bridge towards Laos!
After some days we made the same way back to Thailand.
Not one word on the laotian side, it would not be allowed for bikes !?
Arrived in Thailand, got a new importform within 10 minutes.
AFTER (!) one of the officers asked me , how I crossed the bridge...
On my wheels! Why?
...good to know...