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  1. Anyone now how long it will take me to cruise down to Bang Saen ( 40 min. before Pattaya) from Khon Kaen? Cruising speed, well 80-100 Kmh.

    Any good tip for a nice route from Khon Kaen? Would like to join the Bang Saen Bike Week around the 6`th next month.
  2. Hi Northai,

    I've done Udon Thani to Pattaya a few times. 8 hours at reasonable speeds and plenty of rest stops.

    I would do a fast run to Korat and turn left on the 304 to Kabin Buri. Nice road. Then carry straight on on the 331 and look for the signs for Chonburi (right turn). You will get on Sukhumvit Road (turn left) for Bang Saen.
    Alternatively drive on to Pattaya for the night and maybe ride up with a few guys to the Bike Week.
  3. Thank`s Dougal

    I used to live in Bang Saen before I became a "Falang-Lao" :wink:
    I might try out your route, I alredy booked a hotel in Bang Saen for the Bike Week, but not for sure about if I take my bike or my Vigo.

    My lady want to come along to, but she is not so keen on riding the bike to Bang Saen :?
    I have to see what we do...

    Well, anyway I hope to meet some of you down there. I now I will meet Bard if he show up. I`m pretty sure he will do :wink:
  4. Good one NorThai.
    Well you will obviously know where you are when you get close to Chonburi.

    Bard said he was going so maybe a few of us will meet up there.

    One thing, the Bang Saen Bike Week is big and the past 2 years over 4,000 people going. I remember 2 years ago my bike number was 3,470 and there were bikes arriving up to 2 hours later.
    What I'm saying is we better have a good place to meet that is easy to find.
  5. Well, how about meeting outside the 7-11 in the big roundabout down with the beach road, can`t miss it. We just have to find the date an time :wink:
  6. HI Peter and NorThai,

    I will be there, like Peter said the 304 is a very nice scenic road to do, I will go for the route he suggested.

    Your missus, I tell mine you have 2 choices, ride with me or take the bus, up 2 u. Can't go to bike week with a car... Last time we went to Khon Kaen I did a lot of experimental roads with her on the back and I burnt 800 km with her on the bike, she was tired blabla, good I said now you know what we guys do on tour, ride, stop get some food and sleep ;) because we're so tired just like you.

    Peter why don't we all meet up outside Pattaya and ride up to the bike week together? Last time we went early got plenty of seats and it was easy for others to find us when we were there.

    Cheers Bard
  7. Bard, I just book in at my hotel when I arrive Bang Saen. My hotel is very near the bike stand (200m). You alredy have my phone number, so no problem to meet up. Nice to have an our sleep after driving for many ours.

    And it do make sense Bard, nobody goes to a Bike Week in a Vigo :lol:

    For others who will need a hotel, you can try to book whre I`m staying: ... sbangsaen/
  8. Bard,

    Sounds good to me. I may have a couple more coming, need to check.
    How about the Petronas station just before the turn off from the 36 to Chonburi/Bangkok Route 7? There is a PTT station opposite and a flyover crossing the 36.

    One thing, I've seen different dates for this; can we confirm it is 6th. Nov?
  9. I just found this website that say the Bang Saen Bike Wekk will be on 27-28 nov.
    What`s going on? :evil:

    But this one say 6-7 nov.?

    So, who do we trust?
    Easy- DON'T trust bahtsold. The Bangsaen Bike Week is definitely the weekend of November 6-7.
    See you there! :mrgreen:
  10. Tony is 100% correct on the Bang Saen Bike Week homepage it state 6th and 7th.

    See you there guys
  11. Ok, I`ll will try to do my best to be there with my new bike, it will be my first Bike Week with my own bike in Thailand :wink:

    The major problem will be geting home agian, I relly get some bad hangovers who will last a few days :lol:
    I relly HATE that part :twisted:
  12. OK, count me in and is there any one coming from this direction?(Ubon), via Sisaket,Surin and then maybe HW 24 to HW304.

    Also hotels, has any one already booked and what hotel & How much was it per night

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