Current road conditions?

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  1. Hello Forum!

    After reading a lot about heavy rains, landslides and flash floods lately i'm beginning to wonder what the current road conditions are up north. In about a month i'll be heading up there for a 30-some days tour to no where in particular, but back to Nan is high in the list, and thinking it would be good to have some insight in what might have happened to the roads and where. Maybe it could be an ongoing thread with updates as things move along?

    Anyway, if anyone has information about damaged/impassable roads i'd greatly appreciate if you share your knowledge.
  2. Well thats a thought for a thread. Yesterday I was on the 1157 from Lampang up to the Chea Son national park. The road was passable but loads of mud and road works as they were fixing many parts of the road. Other parts where the road has just gone for a slide down the hill.
    One of the good parts..

    One of the missing parts..

    One of the 'roads getting smaller' parts

    And the bad parts I didn't photograph prefering to hang on to the lumpy Thriumpy. These were places where there was no black stuff, deep ruts in slippery mud with diggers, rollers and trucks to squeeze around.
    But the views were worth it...


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